The Rest of My End of Year Lists: Book Edition

Well…NOW I’m back! Yes, yes I know I am cutting these lists short, but oh well. I wanted to do these lists. So yeah, I’m finishing these things up pretty fast.

If you want some details for what I’ve done on my break, please go to my post that celebrates my sort of return.

This is why I will only be putting the names and picture of the books. No description, I am short on time.

Best Book Supporting Characters:

10. Daciana Cresswell, Hunting Prince Dracula:

9. Leander Holmes, The Last of August:

8. Jenny Cavanaugh, The Jackaby series:

7. Ilsa Flynn, This Savage Song:

6. Commander Lewis, The Martian:

5. Bailey, The Night Circus:

4. Viola Eade, The Knife of Never Letting Go:

3. Howie, The I Hunt Killers Series:

2. Ty Blackthorn, Lady Midnight:

1. Inej Ghafa, Six of Crows:

Best Book Relationships: (a mix of platonic, romantic, and familial):

9. June Iparis and Day Wing, Legend:

8. Bailey, Poppet, and Widget, The Night Circus:

7. Jazz Dent and Howie, I Hunt Killers series:

6. Abigail Rook and R.F. Jackaby, Jackaby:

5. Kate Harker and August Flynn, This Savage Song:

4. Bronwyn Rojas and Nate McCauly, One of Us is Lying:

3. Todd and Viola Eade, The Knife of Never Letting Go:

2. Ty Blackthorn, Livy Blackthorn, and Kit, Lord of Shadows: (I think it says something when I break my own rule on not including stuff I haven’t finished…I love this trio):

1. All of the Six of Crows gang, romantic AND platonic (although a special mention for Kaz and Inej):

Best antagonists and villains (Spoiler alert, okay…? I’ll put the book title up, and if you’ve read it, you can look at the name under the book):

9. Lady Midnight:

Malcolm Fade

8. This Savage Song:

Leo Flynn

7. One of Us is Lying:

Simon Kelleher

6. Six of Crows:

Pekka Rollins and Jan Van Eck

5. Hunting Prince Dracula:


4. The Grisha Trilogy:

The Darkling

3. Warcross:

Hideo Tanaka

2. Little Monsters:


1. I Hunt Killers series:

Billy Dent and The Crow King

I hope you liked my lists, and happy new year!

6 thoughts on “The Rest of My End of Year Lists: Book Edition

  1. Fantastic lists, Kate!! I loved them all. I loved what you said about the SOC characters, Warcross, Hunting Prince Dracula, and Jackaby on the lists. I super agree about the villain in Little Monsters, too! Wonderful finishing lists!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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