A Year in Review…

I don’t know when I thought of this, but I thought to myself, why not do a review and look over my best posts from each month? It could be fun…

A special mention goes to my two interviews with the Webtoon artists, Tri Vuong and Maripaz Villar!

January: My Top Ten Discover Webtoons

This became one of my most popular posts, with many more views than I expected. Huh!

February: Analyzing Three Types of Strength in Women in Fiction: Physical Strength in Books

This post started a whole series that I enjoyed writing. This should resume sometime this month or next, so stay tuned!

March: My Latest Binge Worthy Comics…

This is my most viewed post from this year. I don’t know why, maybe someone could explain it to me?

April: Webtoon Review: American Ghost Jack

This was so much fun to write, and I’m glad so many people read the comic after reading my review!

May: Discussion: Can Overrated Also Be Good?

So far my first (and only) discussion post, this offered up a lot of interesting conversation on my comments section!

June: Anime Review: Noragami Aragoto

This is my most detailed review that I have ever written. But it was fun, and so far it’s my most liked post on my site!

July: My Seven Favorite Book Protagonists at the Moment

This was just a fun post to write.

August: Anime Review: Danganronpa the Animation

This also became one of my most liked posts, despite it’s slightly more negative tone.

September: Most Impactful Anime Scenes and the Influence of Music

This was just a fun post to write that I put a lot of effort into. I kinda wished more people had read it and talked to me about it, so that’s why it’s here.

October: Top Ten Webtoons with Paranormal Elements

This was fun to write and matched the month!

November: My Book Soundtrack Playlist: Warcross

I have done two of these so far, and I love doing them! Once I finish another book, I’ll do one of these again!

December: Best Book Main Characters of 2017

This was just a fun post to write and reflect on. I really enjoyed writing this one.

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