NEW FEATURE IDEA: Give me a fandom, I’ll give you recommendations!

Hi guys, guess what? I had a post going on for some mini reviews. (here’s a few hints as to what they are: There are two books and one movie. The first book is written by a fantasy author I like. The second book is written by an adorable who wrote a thriller I really like. And the movie is one of the most talked about [and controversial] movies of 2017. Also, the first book and the movie have a few plot points and themes I find vaguely similar. Sorry for the long hints, I just enjoy trolling 😉) Anyway, I was working hard when I thought of something…

You may remember my genre recommendations. Don’t worry, I’m planning on doing those again very soon. I just need to catch up to some Webtoons first.

But while you’re waiting for those…

I had this idea. Maybe you guys could give me some fandoms (books, movies, TV shows, anime, other stuff I can’t think of) and in return, I give you some Webtoon recommendations! And bonus: I’ll give a bonus book, movie, TV show, or anime with each one. Whatever I feel like doing, to be honest.

Of course, as there will be several Launch Weeks in the future and I try to get back into Tapastic, these will soon cover not only Webtoons, but webcomics in general.

A little confused? Well, here’s some ideas.

If you say, “Harry Potter” in the comments, I will give you Webtoons that I think you’ll like based off them.

Same goes with stuff like, “Death Note,” or “Stranger Things,” or “Star Wars,”. Plus more, of course.

But give me a fandom, I’ll do a little research, and I’ll have some recommendations for you guys. Sound like a deal? And if I am completely unfamiliar with your suggestion (Say, The Office. Never seen it) I’ll probably ask you for a plot summary, some themes that you like, and generally just what you like.

But please, please give me some fandoms, okay guys?

I hope this’ll be as fun for you as it will be for me!

8 thoughts on “NEW FEATURE IDEA: Give me a fandom, I’ll give you recommendations!

  1. Sweet idea!
    Oh geez, I need to think of some fandoms that you didn’t already mention.
    Ghibli? Maybe you could come up with ones that give off a Ghibli movie feel?
    Haha, it’s the only thing I can think of, overlapping fandoms with other people is kinda hard. I’ll probably have to think more on this, but I’ll let you know if I come up with something!

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      1. Oh dear. I think I only watched 2. XD But let’s see: quirky main character, mystery, homecoming queen/popular girl that had more depth, small town vibes, unrequited love, strange dream sequences, high school drama. Not sure if that gives you anything, lol? XD

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