Biweekly Q&A: What’s my New Year’s Resolution?

Icebreaker’s questions:

What’s my New Years resolution (if I have one):

Sorry to be boring..but no, I don’t have one as of now.

What book/anime/comic do you hope to start your 2018 off with?

Well, I got Mr. Mercedes for Christmas, so I’m reading that.

And for anime, I started Baccano!, which was created by the same guy who made Durarara!! The first episode was kind of meh, but the second episode is much better.

What reading goals do you have for 2018?

I don’t really have one. I just want to read what I’m interested in!

What new book/show releases are you most hyped for in 2018?

I’m never really up to date on what’s coming out each year. I suppose a book would The Case for Jamie, since that’s the only one I know for sure is coming out this year. For shows, I just check out what’s new on Netflix. 😂

If you could summarize how you spent 2017 in five words, what would they be?

Um…tiring, fun, school, fiction, and blog. (I tried.)

Answer this riddle: which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Oh for…I guess the chicken, because a baby chick wouldn’t have been able to survive in the first place without something there to help it…

Ask me more questions in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Biweekly Q&A: What’s my New Year’s Resolution?

  1. Great answers! I’ve wanted to stardo Baccano for the longest time but couldn’t find all the episodes. Ah well. I’m glad you’re liking it!
    More questions
    1. If you could have a mythical creature as a pet, what would it be?
    2. Would you rather travel the world in one day, or go to one place but stay there longer than expected?
    3. When you write, do you plan ahead with notes and outlines, or do you write as the ideas come to you?
    4. Random: If scientists found a way that you could visit any planet and have enough resources to comfortably go there, which one would you like to go to?
    5. What is your “kryptonite”? (What’s your weakness?) (Could be something fun like, blankets or kittens.)

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