Analyzing Women’s Strength in Fiction: Mental Strength in TV and Anime+ I am back!

Yep, I have returned…again! Glad to be back. And yes, my trip went very well. Without saying much more, it was basically me touring schools. There will be more on this later, but for now, it’s more personal.

Basically, glad to be back, and my important trip went well (I hope!)

1. Weiss Schnee, RWBY:

Subcategory: physical

For me, at least, Weiss has been the character to develop the most in RWBY. She started off as cold, snobby, and haughty, but has since become a better friend, more open-minded, and selfless. Character development can be a sign of mental strength, as it sort of equates to the character realizing they were wrong and that they need to change, which Weiss does brilliantly. She has possibly been through some of the worst experiences in the show, but she uses her experiences to change.

2. Kyoko Kirigiri, Danganronpa The Animation:

Subcategory: emotional

Kirigri is the most fleshed out character in Danganronpa. Her title in the series is literally that she’s a detective, and a good one at that. Even the antagonist considers her a serious threat. She’s the character who puts together the clues into the most logical solution. While she seems cold hearted and detached, she’s not a robot; she deeply cares for the main character (Naegi), and they have a friendship that is similar to Holmes and Watson, but not quite. She’s also very mysterious; she later reveals that she’s an amnesiac.

3. Joyce Byers, Stranger Things:

Subcategory: emotional

Joyce may seem like an odd choice for this list; after all, didn’t she nearly lose her mind in season 1? Believe it or not, but that’s part of the reason she’s here. On rewatching both seasons, I came across her, in the first season, saying something about her possibly going crazy, and I was struck by that. Truly crazy people don’t question their insanity, but here she was, wondering the same things everyone else was. This makes her more impressive in season 2; we all know she has major mental health problems, and yet she arguably goes through worse in the second season. Yet she doesn’t lose it the way she did in the first season. Instead, she stays remarkably calm and yet displays the same stubborn determination.

4. Haruhi Fujioka, Ouran Highschool Host Club:

Subcategory: emotional

Yes, that actually is a girl. You aren’t seeing things. Anyway, Haruhi has always had a difficult life, losing her mother at a young age and being raised by a (good) single dad. But she appears to be remarkably unscathed, instead more independent and capable because of her life. She’s also more relaxed and things don’t tend to faze her, not even the strange rich people at Ouran Academy. If anyone could ruffle the calmest of feathers, it would be them. But Haruhi takes things in stride and remains unaffected by them, even when she’s mistaken for being a boy and, due to a debt, has to become a member of the Host Club. Haruhi’s way of life and her relaxed personality affects the Host Club in the best of ways…most of the time.

5. Hanji Zoe, Attack on Titan:

Subcategory: physical

This may be controversial. Mainly because, in the manga, Hanji technically doesn’t have an assigned gender; Isayama said that Hanji’s gender was up to the reader. This is different than the anime though, in which they clearly portray Hanji as being female. Since I saw the anime first, that’s what I’m including, and that’s why they’re female for now. Anyway, Hanji is…unique among the Survey Corps. She doesn’t hate Titans the way everyone else seems to. Instead, she’s more of a mad scientist and is more fascinated by them. She wonders what they are, and is determined to find out their mysteries and solve them. She’s also very enthusiastic about her work, and even tends to get attached to her subjects…which are also Titans.

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