The Epic Birthday Blog Tag (A.K.A: It’s that time of year again!)

Thank you Icebreaker for tagging me for your super fun, original, tag!

In case you didn’t realize, I am one year older today. I have conflicting feelings about this.


1 Always Always Always pingback/link to icebreaker694‘s site (she wants to see your answers).

2 Post this on your birthday!!! Or not, y’know, you do you. 

3 Answer the questions! (You might have to do some digging, hope that’s not a problem.)

4 Tag as many bloggers as you can! (At least 1+ so the tag won’t die!) (I’ll try, but I’m working on this the day before my birthday… and I’m busy now. Whoops.)

When’s your birthday? (Month and day):

February 25th!

What’s your zodiac sign?

I’m a Pisces.

What’s your birthstone?

It’s an amethyst, which ironically enough, is purple, my favorite color.

Do you know someone with your birthday?

I used to, but we have since lost touch. It was kind of funny though.

What historical event occurred on your birthday?

Um…the 1st insanity plea was used to declare innocence…

And on a more cheerful note, The Beatles released their first single in the U.S.

What do you usually do on your birthday?

Well, this year I celebrated on Saturday, because we’re busy Sunday. I just went out for lunch, went shopping for a bit, and then came home and watched a movie with my parents.

Were you born in the morning, afternoon, or night?

I was (I believe) born in the afternoon.

If you could have any present in the world, what present would it be?

Um, it changes every single year. My interests always change. So I suppose money would be the best bet.

What’s your earliest birthday memory?

Uh…cake. My favorite cake that was striped red, green, and yellow. It’s still one of my favorite cakes, but since we’ve moved, I’ve only had it once. Sigh.

How did you get your name?

Okay, it’s boring. But my parents just liked my name. Originally, they wanted to name me Ella, but they had already named their cat that. So they realized I would probably have an identity crisis at the age of three if they did that. So that’s how I was not named Ella.

Have you ever forgotten your birthday?

Nope! It’s one of the few dates I can remember.

Book Flash! 5 books you’d want to be given on your special day.


Of Monsters and Men, Eliza and her Monsters, In 27 Days, The Silence of the Lambs, and the third Baccano! light novel, I can’t recall the name.

Lastly, happy birthday! Treat yourself to a GIF!

I basically had my birthday yesterday, as today I’m busy. So yeah.

I’m unable to tag anyone right now, due to aforementioned business. But, if you do want to do this tag on your birthday…Save it the link to this post, and do it then!

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