My Fandom Recommendations: Shadowhunter Books

Okay, this one took a long time to do. Webtoons doesn’t have the best paranormal department, so I mixed it up with what they do have, and stories with very messy romance.

Siren’s Lament:

This has almost everything a Shadowhunter novel has: a strong female lead, supernatural events and creatures (specifically, Sirens), and a love triangle. This follows Lyra, a wallflower with a crush on her friend Shon. But then she gets entangled in a curse involving sirens. Basically, a siren tries to pass a curse onto her so he can break his curse, but something backfires, and they are trapped as half human, half siren. So she and the siren (whom she calls Ian) try to break their curse. Inevitably, there’s a love triangle. The story may be a little on the slow side, but the secrets of the curse and the mythology behind the sirens is fascinating.

Link: Siren’s Lament


For those who want more demon hunting and less love triangle in the Shadowhunter books, this may be the Webtoon to read. The Timorem, or the monsters agents of Catharsis hunt, are definitely eerie. Leon Mori is a typical teenager, except for one thing: he has synesthesia, seeing voices as colors. When he comes across a Timorem, he finds himself meeting Harvey and Paris, two agents. He eventually hunts, and gets involves with the agency even more. This is also a slower series, but definitely addicting and with beautiful art.

Link: Catharsis


Oh yeah. While this may lack paranormal elements, it’s still a fantasy that gradually grows darker and darker, with splashes of humor, and plenty of crazy romance. The main character is Leez Haias, although that isn’t her real name. In reality, her name is Kubera Leez, which she keeps hidden because she was named after a god. She returns home one day to find her village gone, and Suras (fantasy beings) everywhere. She escapes with the help of a wizard named Asha. The first season is mostly humorous fantasy/adventure journey, but around the middle of season two, it gets steadily darker and more twisted….

Link: Kubera


Another series for those who want more of the paranormal aspect and less romance, S.I.D also has very creepy ghosts. Simoon Lee is a police detective who can suddenly see ghosts. Naturally, shortly after, he gets involved with some shamans that also hunt down ghosts seeking revenge. Similar to the Shadowhunter books, particularly TMI and TID, this series has a main character with a surprisingly mysterious past, shady organizations, and plenty of twists. Plus more ghosts and monsters and the like.

Link: S.I.D

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