3 Movies and 2 anime I wish were based off books or had novelizations

So, I was doing something thinking lately…and realized I really wished some movies or shows (particularly original anime series) has been based off available books (more on that later) or had proper novelizations.

I will not be including anime based off a manga, but I will include anime based off light novels that have not been translated.

Movies: Spirited Away:

This is a movie filled with metaphors and symbolism….one could argue too much. As much as I think the movie would remain better, if not for the visuals, I feel as though a novelization could go deeper into the storyline and answer some very important questions that went unanswered. (Most notably, why did No-Face go insane in the bathhouse? I know it’s popular belief that it was because the greed inside corrupted him, but I’d like to know for sure. And why did he get so attached to Chihiro?)


I mentioned this in my review, but the main reason I want a book is because of this: world building. Don’t get me wrong, I liked what they had in the movie. But I was also left with many questions about the world the characters lived in, particularly about the dream sharing technology; where did it come from? How else did it play into the world? I was also curious as to what Cobb’s job involved before the movie’s events.


I love a good thriller. Unlike the other entries I’ve included so far, I don’t want a book based off this because of questions I have; it’s because I love thrillers, and this one was incredibly well written. Plus, it would have to be in a unique format. It would be incredibly hard to pull off in a book format, but I would love to read an attempt.

TV and anime (mainly anything written by Gen Urobuchi)

Psycho Pass:

This is an incredibly internal series. Of course, since it has a lot to do with mental health, it has to be. And that’s why I wish there could be a light novel out there. This has such fascinating characters and concepts, and it’s my cup of tea, genre wise. I mean, a science fiction mystery thriller? Those are hard to find on bookshelves nowadays, although they’re everywhere on TV and movies. Plus, who wouldn’t want to read the thought processes of characters like Kogami, Akane, Makishima, and even Ginoza?


This is an odd case, as there are actually light novels out there. But none have been officially translated, which is bizarre to me; the Fate franchise is incredibly popular, so why not translate them? Similar to the above, it comes down to thought processes and honestly, I want a book that is like The Hunger Games, but with more of a thriller vibe and more philosophy. And from what I’ve heard, there’s more to the light novel than the anime, and the series even has plot holes that the novels filled! C’mon, officially translate this already! The scanlations are fine, but have weird tense changes that mean I can’t get into them.

I have even more of these, but I am crunched for time right now. Would you guys be interested in a part two?

7 thoughts on “3 Movies and 2 anime I wish were based off books or had novelizations

  1. What a great take – we always hear about book adaptations but rarely the other way around. I agree Psycho Pass does need a novelization now. The Mandatory Happiness visual novel is the closest thing we have and it’s actually pretty could but could use some fleshing out.
    Same can be said for Fate/Zero. If you play through all the routes in Fate/Stay Night, you get most of the storyline that was adapted for the light novels and anime but it still missing the early parts.

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    1. Yeah. I came up with it first while watching Inception, and then again after I I finished rewatching Psycho Pass with my mom. I feel as though Urobuchi is a great writer, and since PP is so introspective, that it would be amazing as a book. I just want more of the characters and the world building.
      I mainly want FO to become available because it’s already a legit novel, and the scanlations just have their problems, going from past tense to present tense and it’s confusing. Plus, I looked on TV tropes, and there are subplots and clarifications that the anime didn’t get to.

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  2. I would LOVE, love, love, LOVE a Psycho-Pass novelisation or series of novels. That is a series that definitely deserves it, and I strongly believe it would work phenomenally as a novelised series, if written well.

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    1. I know, right?? It would be so good. I mean, I feel like it was sort of made to be both an anime and a book series; it just fits either way. And Urobuchi has written books before (Fate/Zero), so I know he would probably do a good job. I’m just so curious about more of the world, and honestly, I would like even more hints as to some character’s backstories and their mind sets. Something tells me their thoughts would be so interesting to read. (Especially Makishima…he was so mysterious, and I could do with more hints about his past)

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