Why I haven’t posted for a few days (I’ll post later today or tomorrow!)

Sorry for not posting and for not being very active here lately. Life has just been kicking me in the butt. Lots of homework, and when I have free time, I just want to watch TV and/or read. It’s more relaxing.

I also feel slightly burned out. It’s annoying; I have plenty of ideas for posts, but they’re not striking me like they should be.

Long story short, I’m not gonna be as active as I used to be. I wanted to post every other day, but I don’t know if that’s possible anymore. I’m really busy, and I’m kind of nervous about a burn out. I love blogging, so that’s the last thing I want.

What do you guys do when you’re in danger of a burn out? I would really appreciate some advice right about now.

I do have a random list in the works, as well as starting my Webtoon recommendations by genre series again. You’ll be seeing those soon, trust me.

9 thoughts on “Why I haven’t posted for a few days (I’ll post later today or tomorrow!)

  1. Burnout is the worst, Kate, and I dealt with this toward the end of the year last year. Life was striking hard, and while I had some ideas and thoughts, I just did not want to go on here and actually do it. I find that just taking that step away and waiting for the desire and inspiration to come back was what helped me to come back. It took me a good while, but it just has to fit right for you since you don’t want blogging to ever become some sort of chore or anything. Sorry for all of the life happenings and business! D: Just binge watching TV or reading helped me to get the feels back for blogging. ❤

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    1. Yeah, I remember that. You put into words what I’m basically going through right now. I’m seriously thinking about taking a short hiatus from posting; I’ll try to look at more posts and comment more without the distraction of actual posting. I have a post scheduled for tomorrow, and then after that I might make a hiatus notice.
      Who knows? Maybe a break and some TV and books (and getting real life stuff done) will help me get my inspiration back.

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      1. Yes! I think that might help. Just getting away from the pressure of posting helped me a bit. Sometimes it’s just a short amount of time and sometimes it takes a bit longer. But yes, sometimes a book or a TV show got me back into it. Hopefully it blows over quickly for you!

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  2. People tell me that regular content is important for a blog, but if I posted every other day I would burn out and give up on the hobby altogether. One or two posts a week works for me.

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    1. Thanks for the advice! Although, I think combined with my work and my burn out, I’m going to take a hiatus sometime this week or after the next. My spring break is next week, and I’m trying to decide whether to post or just make a lot of drafts 😂 I guess we’ll see if I’m up to it by then.

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