The Return of my Webtoon Recommendations By Genre series: Most Beautiful Drama Webtoon

Hi guys, this series is back!

Basically, I’m just making some lists for Webtoons I like, and organizing them by genre. For now, I’m talking about the Webtoons I find most gorgeous from each genre. I will include as many or as few as I want, and they’ll detail a small portion of Webtoons I discovered from 2016-2017. Basically, no Webtoons that were featured in 2018 will be on these lists until next year, when I do this series again. So that means Webtoons I found in Discover that have since been featured like Ghost Teller, The World Where I Belong, and Lore Olympus will not show up here, despite being great comics. And yes, comics I talked about in previous genre posts will show up again, but will be updated due to my having read more from them.

For the art series, I will include official and non official art done by the artists.

This is also a bit of an update, so I’m often using captions similar to the ones I used for my earlier article, just edited and improved.

9. Four Quarters, Kurisustinah:

Link: Four Quarters

This series has one heck of an art evolution. In the beginning, the art looked rather amateurish and rough. I’d even dropped this the first time around because of the art. But as the story goes on, the art undergoes multiple style changes, But the artist changes her art style so many times, and each time it gets so much better, and each time it improves a lot, becoming much more professional and pretty. I love seeing artists change and evolve, as I don’t see it often. So don’t drop this because of the beginning art; just look forward to it changing and improving!

8. Aisopos, Yangsoo Kim and Dogado:

Link: Aisopos

This has a very unique style. It’s a mix of art similar to Ancient Greece and also the classic manhwa art style. For a fictionalized reimagining Aesop’s life, this is perfect. Their vision of his life comes out beautiful, feeling like Ancient Greece, yet having a modern vibe, giving Aiopos a very different feeling than most Webtoons. If you come here for an interesting reimagining and beautiful art, you won’t be disappointed.

7. Melody of Orange, Yanca:

Link: Melody of Orange

Melody of Orange has always had a cute art style, but as you read along, it turns out to be very pretty. It still remains cute, but it does have a lovely coloring style, having pale and bright pastel colors. They can create a cute scene, a dark scene, or a romantic one. It helps set the moods of the scenes and therefore the story, and both the art style and the coloring have improved a lot.

6. Gourmet Hound, Leehama:

Link: Gourmet Hound

This is a Webtoon with a simpler design, but that proves that sometimes, less is more. Unlike several other Webtoons, this has a cheerier look, with bright colors and cute, distinctive character designs. The colors and layout also have a ton of atmosphere, which is actually very important for this series. And okay, I’ll admit it.  A big reason this is here is because of the food. I can’t help it! It has delicious looking food, and sometimes reminds me of movies like Ratatouille. That food looks good.

5. Dr. Frost, JongBeom Lee:

Link: Dr. Frost

When you first see Dr. Frost, it may not look like particularly different. The character design is good, even though there is some same-facing (to be fair, Lee admitted this, and in the episode after, he introduced a character with a very different face). But it’s the colors, rendering, and composition that make the art good. It’s so stylish. The composition and layout can make it look like a movie sometimes. At first, it had a cool color scheme, giving it a mysterious vibe. But like the main character, the colors warm up as the episodes become darker, making them ironic.

4. Lookism, Taejoon Park:

Link: Lookism

Lookism has a very realistic art style. The artist tries his best to have faces and character designs, that look like a very stylized real life, and can sometimes be a little too detailed. But that’s also why it’s here; the amount of detail in each face, whether they be attractive or unattractive, is amazing! The artist clearly works hard to make everyone and everything look like they came out of a photo. I’m always stunned by the amount of intricate detail.

3. My Boo, Jeongso:

Link: My Boo

My Boo has an art style similar to one of Ilkwon Ha’s comics, so needless to say, it’s a beauty. It has a more subdued, subtle art style, but that does not mean it’s less attractive than other styles. In fact, the simplicity of the art is what makes it so beautiful. It matches the ghostly love story perfectly. It has a gentle, sketchy vibe, and the way it differentiates between the living and ghosts is brilliant. It manages to be both gentle and also melancholy, which is very impressive. It’s hard to describe why this art is so beautiful when it’s so simple; I can only say it is.

2. Space Boy, Stephen McCranie:

Link: Space Boy

This art is similar of retro sixties cartoons that we have fond memories of as kids, but also has a Studio Ghibli vibe. It shows detail and beauty in the smallest of things, and has the characters do small things like trip and fall down, the little things that add layers of realism to them. This also pays so much attention to backgrounds and makes sure to have plenty going on behind the characters, as well as cool set designs. The character designs are unique, as most are based on different shapes. One of the best things is that the characters don’t same-face, everyone looks different! Same with the body types; there’s plenty of diversity there.

1. Annarasumanara, Ilkwon Ha:

Link: Annarasumanara

Even after reading more Webtoons, this is still one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. The innovation is out of this world, and every panel can hit you in the feels. It’s a very fantastic, whimsical style. Ilkwon Ha includes real things in his art, which has paper foldings, clouds, money, and everyday objects. Each object can be interpreted as a symbol or metaphor, adding even more layers and depth to the story. The art improves on the writing, and even contributes to the story. If his stories weren’t comics or visual, they would be missing something, that’s how valuable the art is. For the most part, Annarasumanara is in black and white, but that makes the splashes of color even more impactful, especially when put in stark comparison to the black and white.

Which drama Webtoons do you find the most beautiful? Did I miss any you like? Please vote in my poll below. I still plan on doing a master post for each by genre post, so make sure to vote!

Thank you for reading!


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