Hiatus update….

Hey guys…

Long time no see.

When I first started my hiatus, I didn’t expect to be gone for so long. And um…

I kinda still have some bad (ish) news.

I’m still on hiatus.

The school year is coming to an end, and I have a ton of important, stressful stuff to do. I wanted to publish a few posts here and there and visit more blogs, but I’ve been forgetting to do that. I’m sorry for that, and sorry still that I won’t be able to get better at it for a while. Like, I can’t even give a set date for when I can start to blog more regularly.

But besides school, what else have I been up to?

Well, I created two TV Tropes works pages for Webtoons!

I did one for Dr. Frost,

Link: Dr. Frost TV Tropes

And Nightmare Factory.

Link: Nightmare Factory TV Tropes

Please check them out! And if any of you guys read or have read them, please review the pages and let me know if there are errors.

And if you have a TV Tropes account, feel free to edit!

I also do want to publish at least two posts before I officially come back from hiatus. Mainly because these were two posts I started back in March, lol.

You can expect me to try to post an Analyzing Women’s Strength in Fiction article and a Most Beautiful Webtoon article…sometime.

In the meantime, please vote for the Most Beautiful Drama Webtoon. It only has two votes so far, and I really need more…

Again, thanks so much guys. I miss you, and I hope to start blogging regularly again in the future.

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