Most Beautiful Fantasy Webtoons

I am…sort of back? I dunno. I mean, I think I will be posting more than I have been, but not every other day. I don’t want to burn myself out again. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, same rules apply as for the drama list. I will use official and non official art, and no Webtoons published as featured in 2018.

Also, since I’m still recovering from my near burn out, I may use some old captions as i did in my last list like this. I will just edit them to make them better, but if they sound familiar, I apologize.

10. The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn, Tri Vuong, on hiatus:

Link: The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn

Most comics about paranormal investigation have a gloomy, morose look, right? Well, while Oscar Zahn does often use dark color palettes (as in, the picture above), but more often than not, it has uplifting stories. The colors are lovely; they have a soft, pastel feel, with an art style reminiscent of comics from the 20th century. It has had two distinct art style, and both are beautiful. It’s had a subtle art evolution, and boy, is it something to see now.

9. :rebirth, 69Michi, soon to be featured:

Link: :Rebirth

This is a Webtoon that has grown since it first began, and a lot of the beauty comes from the rendering and colors. There is also a lot of foreshadowing; in the images and in the panels, especially when you reread it. You can tell 69Michi pays a lot of attention to what she includes in her pictures;enough foreshadowing to make your eyes widen, but not enough to have spoilers. And her non colored sketches look amazing too! It’s little wonder this is finally getting featured.

8. Kubera, Currygom, ongoing:

Link: Kubera

Holy moly. Did this have an art evolution. I did not like the art for a long time; it just didn’t appeal to me. And yet, the character design evolves, the shading and colors improve, as do the rendering and perspective. It got much more complex and detailed. The real star is the backgrounds though; those are beautiful, and have always been, even in the beginning. When you look over at the first chapter, you get kind of stunned. And don’t get me started on the little pieces I’ve seen of season 3.

7. Rise From Ashes, Madeleine Rosca, ongoing:

Link: Rise From Ashes

This is a blend of manga and a traditional western art style, with a dash of steampunk, which creates an interesting look that I love. I also enjoy the character design, especially when it comes to the ghosts and their “husks” (objects they can possess); they have some unique and creative designs! This art looks very different than most Webtoon art; less “clean” in a way, a bit more free and loose, with softer colors. If you want an interesting blend of steampunk, manga, and western art, this is something to read.

6. Sub/Zero, Junepurr, ongoing:

Link: Sub/Zero

This has art on par with most featured Webtoons; it’s so detailed and beautiful, you easily forgive the long update time. The character designs are so cool, but it’s the dragons, clothes, and backgrounds that truly grab your attention. It’s very detailed with the colors and the shading, and the different countries are very distinctive in both design and coloring. It’s very fresh and is worth reading, if only for the sets and the dragons.

5. UnOrdinary, Uru-Chan

link: UnOrdinary

This has the best fight scenes on Webtoon. They are so intense! Uru-Chan utilizes every character’s power in clear ways, but unlike other action Webtoons, the fights don’t become chaotic or hard to follow. They are choreographed very well, which make them easy to understand. The coloring is also vibrant and unique, adding a layer of detail to many panels. She also uses it creatively, usually through foreshadowing. The coloring foreshadow and the fight scenes make the art so unique.

4. Lumine, Emma Krogell:, ongoing:

Link: Lumine

Lumine‘s art has changed a lot since Discover, and that’s good. While it was always good, the art since it became featured has grown to another level. The faces have more variety, the backgrounds are more detailed…but really, it comes down to the coloring and rendering. It is absolutely gorgeous now. Krogell truly knows how to use her colors to create effects and emotions, as well as foreshadowing. It has a subtly ominous vibe (that cat sprit…). Plus, both the detailed art and simple are look great.

3. Dice, HyunSeok Yun, ongoing:

Link: Dice

No matter how dark this story becomes, everything looks delicately drawn, and with so much detail, whether it be the characters, the fights, or the dice themselves. One of the best parts have to be the coloring. It has a very pastel inspired color palette, but it doesn’t have the softness. It also often contrasts with the competitive nature of the story. every character has a unique face; there is no same face syndrome. The detail is also very strong but subtle as well; our main character’s face changes a lot, but slowly. Same with others; when I reread the first chapter, everyone looked so different!

2. Hooky, Miriam Bonastre Tur, ongoing:

Link: Hooky

Detail. That’s all. Everything looks so intricate, so layered, that I just want to zoom onto random parts of the drawings, they’re so beautiful. And save them to my camera roll. I always wonder how Bonastre Tur finishes each update each week. It doesn’t help that this gives me a Ghibli vibe. It has this whimsical feel. It’s also a cute art style, which matches the story at the beginning…but now it’s a sharp contrast to the dark twists and turns this has taken. And the coloring…wow, it can give off the happiest vibe, but it can also help prolong suspense and give off a foreboding feel…

1. Nightmare Factory, Snailords, indefinite hiatus:

Link: Nightmare Factory

This could also count as an art documentary, the art changes so much. It was always pretty good or at least cute, but it becomes jaw dropping. This is one of the most unique Webtoons when it comes to art. All of the character designs are really creative. The rendering when it comes to the characters and panels is also intricate. But the backgrounds…it takes a talented artist to make the viewers pay as much attention to the backgrounds as to the characters. As this comic has horror themes, all I can say is that Snailords is one of the few artists I know who can make a hanging dead body visually appealing.

Do you agree with my choices? Am I missing another beautiful fantasy? Please vote in my poll below!

And please vote for the most beautiful drama Webtoon too, found in my post here: Most Beautiful Drama Webtoon


25 thoughts on “Most Beautiful Fantasy Webtoons

    1. Hmm…for you I may recommend Lumine (it’s so darn cute) Unordinary (it’s sort of slow, but by episode 19 especially the plot gets going), Hooky (my gosh, I think it’s my fave of the list) and Nightmare Factory (the story is sort of rocky for the first five episodes, but if you get past that you are in for a great time, and besides Hooky, it’s probably the most fun to theorize about)
      And yes, I am sort of back. I just have a lot of reviews and tags to do now, haha. I may also ask for post ideas; I don’t want to burn out again.

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      1. You can also still vote if you’ve read any, or even if you haven’t and just find something pretty. I’m gonna do a collection of the Webtoons with the most votes to summarize the whole art series when I’m done. It’s gonna be that way for all the genre series.


      2. Ooooooh, okay that makes sense. I voted for the picture I liked the best. I would definitely be interested in reading that, so I’m quite intrigued! 😀 And hopefully it will get a little less busy for you soon? XD

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha, Dr. Frost goes by super fast, but NF even more so. It is harder to get into, but keep at it; it’s very rewarding, and it’s almost an art and writing documentary; the art and story improve so much, it’s a little mind boggling.
        I also am trying to figure out a story to write here; i have a poll, but almost everything has exactly one vote 😅

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    1. Well, sorta back, as I’m still busy this week. And I love Lumine. It’s so cute.
      Btw, you can also vote if you’ve read any! Or even if you haven’t and just find something pretty. I’m gonna do a collection of the Webtoons with the most votes to summarize the whole series when I’m done.

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      1. Haha, at least you’re sorta back! 😀
        Yessss, the whole Webtoon is just so precious~
        Ohhhh, awesome, I’ll definitely vote! 😀

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      2. Oof, pressed the comment button before I was finished typing. 😅 I was saying “You’re welcome! And I just submitted my vote. :)”.

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