Help me choose a story to publish here!

Hey guys! So, I wanted to do something kind of new: publish short(ish) stories here. Now, these will be crummy first drafts and are likely to change if/when I ever publish them. I also wanted to keep myself motivated to keep writing over the summer; my current story is giving me motivation problems, so I thought maybe a fresh story could help me defeat my writer’s block. Also, if I end up completing these, I may end up feeling more pride for my work.

Now, I just want to make stories that I know you may like. So, I decided to ask for votes! The thriller stories are all unrelated, but the fantasy ones all take place in the same universe.

Here are the very basic summaries about the stories.

Thriller and mystery:

  1. The Traces Left Behind: Yes, this is the revamp of my old short thriller slasher story I tried writing for Halloween, Traces! I ended up losing motivation, but now I want to bring it back.

Ella Wu likes the apartment she and her mother have moved into a few months ago. The good news is that she’s closer to her school. The bad news? She’s closer to her school. Ella didn’t expect much from her move except for being able to sleep in a little later. But when two seemingly unrelated students end up committing suicide in eerily similar ways, Ella begins to suspect something is off. But when evidence comes up that they were murders, she decides the best thing is to stay as far away from the chaos as possible. So as her close friend Sammy begins to play detective, Ella finds herself drawn into the mystery. As the body cont grows higher and the  murders become more and more obvious, Ella finds herself discovering a strange link between her new apartment, the school, and the deaths in general. But what is the link?

I know I barely changed the summary, but trust me, it’s more fleshed out and planned! I actually have a plan this time!

My second one hasn’t a title yet. Apologies. It’s also not nearly as planned out, so this would take me longer so start writing.

2. The basic synopsis is that at a school party, a body is found in the lake, and the teachers have gone missing. Time is of the essence, as taunts from the murderer appear, and more people go missing…

This would be shorter, since I have no plan, and it’s more immediate.

The next ones are fantasy, and take place all in the same universe.

3. Sinead’s voice was torn out of her throat when she was fifteen by a wizard. Since the, she cannot speak. She now works as the Silence, a mysterious figure who operates as both a hitman and a convincer. She’s well known due to being able to get jobs done easily and quietly. However, now she’s ready to get her voice back, and so she goes on a journey, one that includes her boarding a train and meeting a descendant of a Shrieke, Ellé, who cannot raise his voice, lest destruction happen.

4. Eve crossed a witch by accident. The witch promptly stole half of her lifespan. While she’s sad, she isn’t motivated by it until her little brother is affected too. Now she learns about the Dream Walk, a contest for the truly desperate. They’re psychological games that take place in ones dreams, with a small team. The winners get their greatest desire. But Eve’s time is running out as her health declines fast….

5. There are two famed detectives, Kiyomi and Harper. Kiyomi is interested in the mysterious detective who is known as one the greatest detectives. While hunting down the Andromeda Killer, they cross paths, and realize they may have a common enemy.

6. A parapsychologist. A Ghost Investigatre. He is one of the only in the world, and helps ghosts find peace…most of the time. Sometimes he is called to hunt them himself. This case is different, as he is called to investigate murders that look to have been committed by ghosts. But his assistant gets contacted by a ghost this time, prompting a hunt for a very human killer.

Vote for the story here!

17 thoughts on “Help me choose a story to publish here!

      1. Haha, the second one, it was the one after Traces, right?
        I was thinking I would do Traces (if it didn’t win) in October, perfect for Halloween!
        I would say that my best planned would be any of my fantasy ones, particularly the third one.

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