Underrated Female Heroes Tag (Original)

Hey, welcome to another original tag created by yours truly!

This is just a way to appreciate some favorite female characters, some of whom deserve more credit and popularity than they get.


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  • Choose female characters from books, movies, TV, anime, Webtoons, etc.
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  • Have fun!


1. Name a heroine you like, but whom you feel is always overshadowed by the male characters in the story:

Nina from Monster. Like, I get that she has less screen time than Tenma, but she does have more than Johan, and yet both characters are much more popular than her, despite that she’s given just as much of a vigorous psychological journey as they are; maybe more so.

2. For that matter, name a heroine whom you feel is always overshadowed by the other female characters in the story:

Sophie from The Infernal Devices. I know she isn’t as badass as Tessa or Charlotte, but being a human within a group of emotionally messed up Shadowhunters can’t be easy. Especially seeing as she has her own issues and problems to deal with. Plus, she’s so sweet.

3. Name a character who had potential but was greatly underutilized in her story.

Naomi Misora from Death Note. She was literally killed off for being too smart, which would’ve made the story end too soon. That annoys me; I read she was one of the few whom L trusted. At least she was the main character in a prequel novel. Which made me more annoyed she died.

4. Name a female character who you either find better in her book than her movie, find better in her movie than her book, or whose portrayals you find equal:

Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs. I know she isn’t underrated, but she just fit the question too well. In some ways though, I think her book form is underrated. I know so many people who have seen the movie, but only a few who have read the book. Anyway, I feel like the book had some aspects of her character that were done better (her inner sass and snark for one, I will never get over her names for Chilton) but I feel like Jodie Foster expressed her emotions and feelings better. So I find both portrayals equal.

5. Name a character who you want more backstory on:

Either Emai from Nightmare Factory (What a cliffhanger…I need to know her backstory and her true identity…)

Or Winter from Rise From Ashes.

6. Name a character with traits you feel are sadly overlooked by everyone:

I know she isn’t underrated, but I feel like everyone always focuses on how kind and folksy Marge from Fargo is (and she’s even on my next list for that reason) and while that trait should not be overlooked at all, I think people forget how intelligent she is and that she’s an excellent shot with her gun.

7. Name a morally grey character. (Villain or anti hero!)

Root and Shaw from Person of Interest. I mean, you have one character who was one heck of a creepy villain and then had an amazing redemption story (for lack of a better word) and an ex-CIA agent who’s small but can take out an entire room of men, and is probably sociopathic but has a soft side to her.

8. A character you’re stunned isn’t more famous:

Lisa Reisert from Red Eye. It’s not the greatest thriller ever, but it’s fun, and has stand out performances from the two leads. Lisa is also a great protagonist; I can’t give too much away, but she starts off as quiet and a loner, but she has an iron core, is intelligent, and has a defiant streak. She’s recovering from something, and is emotionally and psychologically tortured by a near consulting criminal, yet has common sense and fights back.

9. A character from a piece of fiction you’re amazed isn’t more famous

Susy From Wait Until Dark. I don’t get why this isn’t a famous movie. Not only was it progressive for its time (maybe even more progressive than some movies now; how many films have a blind woman MC in a thriller?) but Susy was blind and used that to her advantage, as well as her opponents low expectations of her. She foughtback so well because of her blindness, not despite it, which I think is an incredibly big distinction to make.

I’d say the same thing about Holly from Mr. Mercedes. She’s a middle aged woman who is practically confirmed as having autism, (I read she was described as being Asperger’s like in the second book) plus a dose of anxiety and neuroticism. But she proves to be tougher than she seems, and is an invaluable asset to the team. Maybe it’s because I’m on the spectrum myself, but I related to her a lot and was glad to have an autistic woman portrayed so positively.

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47 thoughts on “Underrated Female Heroes Tag (Original)

  1. Oooooh, this was a lot of fun, Kate! I loved your picks and your prompts. I super super agree about Sophie. I always felt like she was robbed in ID because she had such strength to her. And Root and Shaw were so brilliant. ❤ Wonderful picks, and I can't wait to do this one!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved Sophie. I always wanted a bit more Page time for her. She may not have been a badass, but she does have so much inner strength. There’s a reason she was such a support system for so many of the characters. And OMG I had no idea you had watched POI, AUGHH! How did I not know this??

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yesssssssssssssss. I really do too! I wanted her to have a bigger storyline! And yessssssssss. I’m not sure either. But I don’t talk about it as much. I was really into it for the first season and then the second to the last, but got quiet on it. Shaw and Root became the best part of the show, though.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I did too!
        Ah, I get it. IMO, the first two seasons were the best. Season 3 was good, but Root and Shaw definitely made it better. They were great characters. Oh, and Bear too. Then it got too complex with Samaritan. But I did hear it got kind of screwed over by the network, so that would explain A LOT.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Omg yes, Bear always stole the show. Yeah, I feel like it had prime network time for the first two seasons, and then it just got really screwed by the network and it had some issues. But that first season had me so hooked.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Bear was so darn cute, I loved him. And it did; it got really big. Then for some reason it started getting worse airtime schedules and got less views. Then the last season got only twelve episodes. It’s a real shame; the first two seasons are among my favorite shows of all time.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. It worked well. I saw someone point out that Reese was the body of the trio (the one who went out and physically did the most stuff) Finch was the mind (created the Machine, orchestrated the events) and that meant Carter was the heart. I just loved that dynamic. And thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I think Fusco was meant to be the other heart (when you think about it, Root, Shaw, and Fusco served as another trio. Shaw as the body, Root as the mind, and Fusco as the heart.) But as much as I love those three, my favorites still have to be the original.
        Although Bear could count as the universal heart. 😂 No one can hate him!

        Liked by 1 person

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