Webtoon Recommendations By Genre: Most Beautiful Romance Webtoons

As usual, I am not including Webtoons that were published or featured starting December 2017. So sadly, no comics like Lore Olympus.

10. Eggnoid, Archie the red cat, ongoing:

Link: Eggnoid

While I may not be totally into the romance (I’m more into the mystery myself) I can appreciate the art. It has a gentler feel than most of the Webtoons, and has an understated beauty to the style. It’s not flashy, it’s subtle. Plus, the watercolor pictures at the start of each chapter are awesome.

9. Maybe It’s You, Erebos Light, ongoing:

Link: Maybe It’s You

This has such a cute art style, but what really makes it so pretty is the coloring style. It has an attractive, painterly style to it. It has a more cutesy design, and while the backgrounds may not be the most detailed, it still has a gorgeous coloring style that looks painted and fresh. Even Lifelight finds this lovely.

8. The Stories of Those Around Me, Omyo, complete:

Link: The Stories of Those Around Me

Sometimes, less is more. This has a simple art style, but that’s why it’s cute and charming. Don’t let the cute fool you; often enough, in its more fantastic sequences or after-comic doodles, it has a wondrous, imaginative charm about it, as shown above. While the comic itself is set in a modern world, there are touches of fantasy included, making it all the more lovely in its simplicity.

7. Untouchable, massstar, complete:

Link: Untouchable

This has one of the more glamorous art styles on Webtoon. It has bright color, fun character designs, and good composition. In fact, the art style is what appealed me to the comic at first. Even if it’s not a personal favorite of mine (I ended up dropping it) I am more than happy to admit that it is probably one of the prettiest and bright Webtoons out there.

6. Orange Marmalade, Seokwoo, complete:

Link: Orange Marmalade

This has some of the best uses of color that I’ve ever seen. The artist uses colors to their advantage, both for atmosphere and for the characters. It shows the reader the emotions of the characters. Sad scenes and happy scenes have symbolism too. It also managed to convey subtle emotions, like loneliness, shyness, worry and depression.

5. Always Human, walkingnorth, complete:

Link: Always Human

This has a very soft, comforting vibe. It looks very pastel and warm. Walkingnorth also composes her own music, I found out on her website. Somehow, that gives a new perspective to each chapter, and makes it even more beautiful. Also, the use of fashion mods in the story ensure that there isn’t any same-face syndrome, despite all the characters having a very similar art style. The coloring and shading also are completely stunning.

4. For the Sake of Sita, Haga, complete:

Link: For the Sake of Sita

This is incredibly unique. It has so much detail. Although there are several characters, I didn’t have a lot of trouble telling who was who, which is also a bonus. The clothing designs are stunning, and the little details enhance it. The colors give a warm feel, which is interesting due to the bittersweet undertone of the story. I may not know much about the culture on which this is based, but from what little I’ve seen, the artist captured it well.

3. Siren’s Lament, instantmiso, ongoing:

Link: Siren’s Lament

Yes, this is another Webtoon that has a pastel feel. It’s lovely, but that’s not why it’s here. Well, not fully. The underwater scenes are absolutely beautiful, and something that is really unique. The amount of detail and coloring consistently takes my breath away. With great character design, beautiful backgrounds and soft coloring, this is a visually astounding Webtoon.

2. Winter Woods, Cosmos and Vanji, complete:

Link; Winter Woods

When I first started reading this, I thought the art seemed a bit…cold. Distant. Removed. But then I realized that’s mostly because of the color palette, and that’s what works and matches the story. Because as romantic and cute as it is, there are dark elements to it too. So the art truly grew on me, and makes me think of twisted fairy tale, beautiful but dark.

1. My Dear Cold Blooded King, Lifelight, ongoing:

Link: My Dear Cold Blooded King

There is little doubt that this is gorgeous, right from the beginning. But I didn’t always like the character design. So while I always thought the backgrounds and scenery were jaw dropping, I didn’t see the appeal in the characters. But the art does change; very subtly, but I find it even more appealing than it was. That may be why I put this at number one; it’s always been beautiful, but grows to be even more so.

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