Movie Review: Thor Ragnarok

This is sort of a rewatch review , but oh well. I first saw this in February, but rewatched it when I found it on Netflix.

Apologies if the review is short, I’m a bit tired as of now.

(This is a popular movie, I probably don’t need a summary, right?)

Story: 3.75/5:

This basically juggles two stories at once. On one side is Hela taking over Asgard and becoming more powerful, and the other is Thor attempting to escape Sakaar, along with Hulk and a woman who’s a former Valkyrie.

The Sakaar storyline is very fleshed out. It’s funny, but is also thought out and definitely has memorable characters and great development. It’s definitely something very new for Marvel.

The Hela story is a little shakier. Mainly because she doesn’t get as much screentime, and especially not with Thor and Loki. The movie could’ve improved with some more of their interactions.

Characters: 4/5: The characters and their development were pretty great.

One thing I love about Thor is that he isn’t taken too seriously. He’s the god of thunder, but is allowed to make a fool of himself and be a sweet guy. It’s fun development, especially when you look back at the arrogant jerk he was at the beginning of his first movie. His development has probably been the most fun of all the Avengers.

I also enjoyed Loki’s. I honestly don’t have a problem with his world ruling antics being considerably toned down and him becoming more humorous. It makes him a bit more well rounded, I think. And his and Thor’s dynamic is at its best here. They do act like very messed up siblings.

Valkyrie is a welcome addition, as she’s not only badass, she’s complicated. I usually don’t like that more masculine female characters (they’re usually shallow) but she does have a small soft spot, and she’s allowed to be drunk and not look conventionally pretty and clean.

While Hela leaves a major impression, on rewatch, I noticed that it was more due to Cate Blanchett’s acting than the writing. Again, she needed more interactions with Thor and Loki outside of fighting; I feel like those were missed opportunities.

Of course, we also have the Hulk (who has just as much screentime as Banner), Heimdall (wonderfully played by Idris Elba once again), The Executioner, Hela’s reluctant right hand man, and the Grandmaster, who I’m not sure if he was written to be Jeff Goldblum, or if he is Jeff Goldblum.

Acting: 4.5/5

The acting was superb.

Chris Hemsworth, like always, is great as Thor. He’s able to be sweet, funny, not self-conscious, make a fool of himself, and then become the god of thunder. It’s awesome.

Tom Hiddleston is also great as Loki. He has more opportunities to be funny and fun here, while still being the same Loki we know and love.

Tessa Thompson was also excellent as Valkyrie. She was tough, fun, and expressed a complexity and depth to her character as well.

Cate Blanchett was obviously having a ton of fun as Hela. She was over the top and absolutely fabulous and memorable.

Effects: 4/5:

The special effects were stunning, especially in this scene. The fight choreography was top notch. Basically, this movie looked fantastic. (Tbh, the scene above was reason enough to see this in a theater. It looked like a storybook, truly jaw dropping.)

World Building: 3.5/5:

It was pretty good, for the most part. I have a feeling I would’ve gotten more if I read the comics.

Grade; 4/5. Thor Ragnarok is a very fun, light hearted film. The humor is clever (if sometimes a bit much, but that’s okay), the effects gorgeous, and I like how there was no romance. Instead, it focused on family and friends, which is super important.

6 thoughts on “Movie Review: Thor Ragnarok

  1. Fantastic review, Kate! I agree with a lotttttttt of what you said. I do feel like the Hela storyline got really jipped. Like, I loved the Sakaar storyline a LOT and it was so fresh and different, but I felt like Hela should have been a huge focus and concern. Blanchett has soooooo much talent, and she could have stole all the scenes. You’re so right about Goldblum, though. Wonderful review as always, Kate!!! ❤

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    1. The Sakaar storyline was definitely different, but the balance of the two stories needed work. It’s just…if it hadn’t been Blanchett, I have a feeling Hela would not be very memorable.
      XD, my family has a running joke. Twice my dad has been told he looks like (or sounds like) Jeff Goldblum. He’s less than amused, but is now rolling with it.

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