Analyzing Women’s Strength in Fiction: Emotional Strength in Movies

I’m sorry if this is shorter than usual…I’m very tired, life has been hectic lately. I hope you enjoy nonetheless.

1. Marge Gunderson, Fargo:

Marge is a very unassuming woman. You take one look at her and assume she’s not going to be the brightest cop around, what with her being not only folksy, but very pregnant. However, she is much smarter than she looks, able to piece together clues quickly. She’s also a fantastic shot with a gun. But above all else, she’s emotionally smart and healthy. She understands people very quickly, and it’s amazing that despite being in her line of work, she’s as cheerful, sweet, unjaded, and positive as she is.

2. Nakia, Black Panther:

In Black Panther, just about everyone can admit that Killmonger had a point, although his methods were pretty…messed up. What people tend to forget is that Nakia had very similar views. But rather than resort to murder, she has a peaceful view. She wants Wakanda to stop being isolated to help refugees and to share their technology. Also, when hope seems lost, Nakia refuses to give up and finds another way. And despite her breakup with T’Challa, she ‘s a constant support to each member of the royal family.

3. Hana, Wolf Children:

Oh goodness, how could this list be complete without her? Hana begins as a normal college student, who falls in love with a wolf-man. (Not in a Twilight way!) They are happy together and have two children…before he dies. Afterward, Hana has to raise her two wolf children utterly alone, and she faces problems no other parent has to face. Being a single mom is hard enough, but when the kids aren’t exactly human, that makes everything worse. But Hana is a brilliant mom, and she raises her kids so well.

4. Lisa Reisert, Red Eye:

Lisa had the worst plane ride ever. Not only does she have to catch a late flight, it’s delayed. Her night seems to be turning up when she meets a handsome stranger…until it turns out he’s a “manager” plotting an assassination, who’d been stalking her for weeks, and who needs her help. Oh, and her dad is being held hostage until she helps. Not to mention her past. Most people would break down mentally, but from the beginning, Lisa displays an iron, defiant core, and fights back constantly.

5. Diana, Wonder Woman :

I mentioned her last year, but that was before her movie was out, and when she was on the physical strength list. Diana goes through a lot in three days. she leaves her near paradise of an island, only to come to the World War 1 era. Talk about a change of scenery. She sees the the very worst humanity has to offer, from simple, daily acts of cruelty to war and death. She loses so much. But even then, she only sees the best humanity has to offer, and has constant faith in people’s inner goodness. Wow.

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