Well…another birthday has arrived…

Hey guys! Long time no see. Remember when I used to post here every other day?

Yeah, me neither.

Anyway, today’s my birthday!

I wanted to give a small update.

I do have a best of 2018 post that’s been sitting in my drafts for forever. Do you mind if I post it? I know it’s almost March, but…and it may be obvious by the end of the post I was rubbing out of steam, especially with words and description. The Webtoon section may not even have many pictures. But is it okay if I post it?

College has been hectic, which is why I haven’t posted or really responses to comments. I’ll try to do that today.

Anyway, how are you guys? I’ve missed you, and I want to get motivation to blog back. I just don’t know when. Or even how.

But thanks to those who are still following me! I appreciate you so much!

6 thoughts on “Well…another birthday has arrived…

  1. Happy very late birthday XD I honestly need to check my account more often, but when I did, my followers list was all wrong (something must have happened, because it deleted around 3/4ths of the accounts that I followed). But happy to have you back, even if you’re not here all the time!


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