It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Hey guys! Sorry for vanishing for…(checks my last post and almost dies) two years?! How has it been two years since I last posted?? I still remember posting every day back in high school.

Anyway, I’ve been in college. Been super busy. But I have read and watched a lot. But this isn’t fully what the post is about.

Basically, as a college student, money is kind of tight. I’ve probably got a job lined up that I’ll get, but I don’t know when. So I was doing some thinking.

I want to post on here again. I know my webtoon posts somehow are still doing well despite my lack of activity. So I’m hoping to maybe do some reviews again, and if those go well, maybe for money even.

I also might want to open a Ko-Fi account. I dunno much about it, but I would be willing to write short stories (OCs or influenced by something) in exchange. I dunno yet. I’ll try to keep you guys updated and not vanish for another two years again.

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