Top Five Webtoons That Should Be Adapted Into Graphic Novels

With WEBTOON’s exciting announcement of adapting six series into graphic novels, here are our top five picks of Webtoons that should be adapted for print!

Line WEBTOON has been growing rapidly since it was first launched back in 2014, with a growing reader base of 72 million global users. Several series have been adapted into anime, video games and live action shows on NETFLIX. What makes WEBTOON different from traditional comics are that they are read in a scroll-format app online, but now Wattpad and WEBTOON studio are publishing six WEBTOON ORIGINALS into graphic novels. This list consists of recommendations on what other series we believe deserve the graphic novel treatment!

  1. Purple Hyacinth, by Ephemerys and Sophism

The atmosphere in this story is unmatched. It shows how brilliant lighting and shading can make all the difference in a piece of art, which is what makes Purple Hyacinth stand out from its competitors. It’s also a major page-turner, with so many mysteries and cliffhangers you have to keep reading to sate your curiosity. Purple Hyacinth has an incredibly passionate fan base of hardcore readers who have strong love towards the series and a graphic novel would be an amazing investment WEBTOON should look into.

2. Melvina’s Therapy, by A. Rasen

Melvina’s Therapy is a classic horror story. With its traditional black and white ink aesthetics, this looks like a classic comic book. The spooky, psychological horror vibes in this are on par with The Twilight Zone. The eerie ambience makes this a story best read while it’s light out, although if you’re brave enough, night is always an option. In a graphic novel format, this series would be excellent at making the reader anxious to turn the page and see what horror lies behind it.

3. Siren’s Lament, by Instantmiso

Siren’s Lament is a fantasy romance comic. This was one of the most popular series on WEBTOON for quite some time, even being one of the main poster boys for the WEBTOON brand image, and little wonder why. The soft pastels draw you in, creating a fairy-tale like vibe that’s at once enchanting but also inviting. Seeing some of these panels take up pages would be one amazing experience alongside watching the mystery of the sirens unfold. Having it in a graphic novel would be a piece of art in itself with every panel looking like art created by the Gods. It would be very pretty to have on your bookshelf!

4. Gourmet Hound, by Leehama

Like the title suggests, this WEBTOON is like comfort food. It warms the soul. The soft art style is simple, but also open and comforting. Having this story in graphic novel form would feel like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day. It’s a kind, light read that brings many smiles, and yes, even a few tears. This story truly is special, built for all ages with a diverse cast coming from all backgrounds and cultures- anyone can relate and find a piece of themselves in this story. It’d truly be the perfect gift to anybody who loves a wholesome read.

5. The Makeup Remover, by Lee Yone

At first glance, the art is simple but eye-catching. As the story continues, it explores more and more makeup styles and displays the artist’s creativity and intelligence. It has unique designs and looks that would be so beautiful in print that you might forget you’re reading a comic, and instead, looking at one of a kind pieces of artworks that you’d want plastered all over your walls. With such a wonderful story containing characters that have amazing development, depth and unique designs, it’s no wonder this story deserves its own graphic novel!

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