Top Five Apocalyptic Webtoons

Apocalyptic stories have always been popular, and it seems that they’ve only increased in recent years with so many different movies and games all relating to the genre. Viewers can’t seem to get enough of it. Whether they be escapism or even a form of cautionary tale, people read them by the dozen. Often times it’s for the characters, other times it’s simply to see how much worse fiction can be than reality.

Apocalyptic series on WEBTOON have been growing and gaining traction with readers, getting a taste of different unique worlds these talented WEBTOON authors are building. Here are our top 5 recommended apocalyptic series you should check out to escape this boring world of ours.

  1. Sweet Home, by Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang

How could this not have made the list after being adapted into a hit drama on Netflix? It follows Hyun, a suicidal young man who, after losing his family, has to face the apocalypse and survive alongside the neighbors in his apartment. Doesn’t help that as other people turn into monsters, he’s transforming alongside them. This is an intense thriller detailing the beginnings of an apocalypse, and it also explores the dark side of humanity and doing whatever one must in order to survive, with the ends justifying the means.

2. Homesick, by Ms. Freaky

Rayne is a young amnesiac who awakens in the middle of an apocalypse where monsters roam and promptly meets Samael, a delinquent. Thus begins the two’s unlikely partnership. This is a mysterious story, with many questions and so far, not many answers. How human is Rayne, and what is that shadow attached to her? Who is she? Who’s Samael, for that matter? And what is going on with this strange group that’s taken them in? Every chapter is nail-biting as we get closer and closer to the truth.

3. School Bus Graveyard, by Lilredbeany

This is unique in that technically, the world the main characters live in isn’t an apocalyptic world. But the dream world they get stuck in every single night and have to survive in? Definitely post-apocalyptic. After Ashlyn and her group project have an encounter in a haunted house, at the stroke of midnight every night they find themselves in a dream world that’s completely empty except for strange phantoms hunting them down. A unique mix of people unlikely to become friends coming together to survive the night? Truly friendship is power.

4. I’m the Grim Reaper, by Graveweaver

At first glance, the world here is staunchly supernatural, with heaven and hell and grim reapers. But as the story continues, it becomes clear that the world the characters live in is eerily similar to our own, but ravaged by climate change and pandemics, to the point where the world’s population is a fraction of what it has been before, and is rapidly declining by the day. Plus, it appears that countries and cities are blocked off from each other, cutting off contact entirely. This is an example of how our world could potentially end up, and it isn’t pretty.

5. Boyfriend of the Dead, by Ushio

Now for a more humorous take on the apocalypse. This is a simple story about N, a zombie with more “refined” tastes in food, and Alex, a girl whom even the zombies are terrified of. Despite the zombies having taken over, the humans still have a solid chance against them, especially the ones who have retained sentience. Of course, there are still groups of humans, and some of them are scary enough to make the zombies sympathetic.

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