The Horror Movie Book Tag

Thanks Icebreaker for tagging me for this super timely tag! If you haven't yet checked out her blog, do so now; she posts about practically everything, from books to manga and anime to video games! I have a strange relationship with horror. I love reading horror books, but with movies it's weird; I prefer psychological horror, so … Continue reading The Horror Movie Book Tag


The Would You Rather Book Tag

Thanks to The Twins @Twin Bookmarks for tagging me for this tag! They have awesome book reviews; you should check them out. The Questions: Have an unlimited money for Ebooks, or a 5,000 dollar B&N giftcard? much as I support Ebooks, I can say that they aren't for me. It's a weird sensory thing. (You can … Continue reading The Would You Rather Book Tag

Fierce Fangirl Friday: Music on YouTube 

You may not know this, but YouTube has SO much music. Especially anime OSTs. It's awesome. But there are also singers I like on YouTube. Often cover artists who are really, really good. Several cover artists get hate because they aren't the "original" singers, which is silly. Yes, the original is usually really good, but … Continue reading Fierce Fangirl Friday: Music on YouTube 

Liebster Award

I was nominated by the awesome Jenna Nicole for this award. You should check her out; she has so much bookish material, not just reviews, a great variety! Rules: Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you. Nominate 11 blogs. (I've been tired lately....sorry, I'll still nominate … Continue reading Liebster Award

The Time and Place Book Tag

Thanks Icebreaker for tagging me for this tag! It's a really unique one. This tag was created by Jen Campbell.  Rule: Pick ten books from your shelves that you associate with a specific time and place in your life. Tell us the story behind your choices and what the books are about. Like Icebreaker, I'm a little lost … Continue reading The Time and Place Book Tag

The Ultimate Vacation Book Tag

Even if summer is over (for me at least, school is back to kick my butt), there's still a fun vacation Book Tag to help me relive summer. Thanks Bella @Bella Blogs Because Books for tagging me! It’s the dead of winter and you are escaping to a tropical location. Hours in the sun with a book … Continue reading The Ultimate Vacation Book Tag

The How I Choose my Books Tag

Thanks The Orangutan Librarian for tagging me for this! They have awesome book reviews, which I highly recommend! Find a book on your shelves or ereader with a blue cover. What made you want to pick up this book? I saw a post Icebreaker did on Books for the Fangirl, and this was recommended  for fans of … Continue reading The How I Choose my Books Tag

The TBR Tag

TBR, or "To be read", is the pile of books/manga/comics/webcomics that one either wants to read, or has begun to read but forgot to finish (an accidental did not finish, in other words). Thanks Charlotte Annelise for tagging me for the TBR tag!The Tag:How do you keep track of your TBR pile?I use Goodreads, though … Continue reading The TBR Tag

Real Neat Blog Award

Thanks Jay for nominating me for this award! Sorry I'm so late... Anyway, Jay has an awesome blog which focuses on books and the 365 Challenge, which is as interesting as it sounds! Rules:This award is designed for people who have a ‘real neat blog’.  Those participating should:-Put the award logo on your blog-Thank the … Continue reading Real Neat Blog Award

One-Year Blogging Anniversary+ Blogger Recognition Award

So...I was just working around on WordPress, working on posts, when I get this announcement:Like, dang. I knew it was in August, but I didn't think TODAY. I WAS going to ask people what they would like me to do on my anniversary...but now I really can't, can I? Well, if you guys want a … Continue reading One-Year Blogging Anniversary+ Blogger Recognition Award