Webtoon Review: My Boo

Okay, when I first read the summary, I didn't expect the story to be like this, let's just say that. I expected something different...but I'm not disappointed. Summary: When you have an invisible roommate. Status: Completed. Story: 4/5: This isn't a typical ghost story. It delves into topics that most ghost stories don't have. It … Continue reading Webtoon Review: My Boo

Webtoon Review: Gepetto

It's been a while since I reviewed a Webtoon, so I decided to try this one out.  Summary: The inheritance from Professor Gepetto! People are now trying to get the inheritance to rule others, survive from the world, and earn love. Status:  Completed Story: 4.5/5: The summary doesn't do the best job describing the … Continue reading Webtoon Review: Gepetto

Webtoon Review: Kubera Season 1

This was a Webtoon season that took me forever to read. I started it a while back, and couldn't get really engrossed. But that doesn't mean it's bad. Not at all. There's a lot more than meets the eye. Summary: Kubera lives in a small town. One day, when she came back to home, she … Continue reading Webtoon Review: Kubera Season 1

Update: Annarasumanara Review

I have now updated my review for one of my favorite Webtoons, Annarasumanara. I have added more pictures and adjusted my word choice and sentence structure. I have also attempted to make it more in depth, giving some of my more recent thoughts and feelings about it. I have also adjusted how it looks visually, … Continue reading Update: Annarasumanara Review

 Update: Jack the American Ghost Season 1 Review

As I have recently gotten the Tapastic app and am now slowly but surely reading season 2 of this, I thought now was a good time to review an old update. You can find my updated review here: Webcomic Review: Jack the American Ghost Season 1.I added some new pictures, revised sentences and word choice, and … Continue reading  Update: Jack the American Ghost Season 1 Review

Update: Bastard Review

I recently updated my review of the amazing psychological thriller Bastard, one of the best and most suspenseful binge reads I've ever had the pleasure to read. I've added pictures, edited my word choice, and included more of my thoughts in the months since its completed. You can find it here: Webtoon Review: Bastard I hope … Continue reading Update: Bastard Review

Webtoon Review: Annarasumanara

I was looking through old reviews when I found out something shocking; I hadn't done a review on one of my most recommended Webtoons of all time. Wow. So here I am, rectifying my mistake! Status: Complete (28 episodes)  Link: Annarasumanara Summary: Yun Ai wanted to be a magician when she was little. But now in … Continue reading Webtoon Review: Annarasumanara

Webtoon Review: Snailogy

Status: completed. Is it strange that I started to read Snailogy before I read Nightmare Factory? Well, technically I read the first two chapters of NF, didn't care for it (gasp! I was just confused about the first two chapters though) but liked the art, so I checked out Snailogy. And oh my gosh, it was … Continue reading Webtoon Review: Snailogy

Webcomic Review: Jack the American Ghost, Season 1

This review was a long time coming, but somehow I neglected it. Anyway, American Ghost Jack was not what I was expecting; it was much  better than what I expected! I will be ranking this on story, characters, writing, art, and world building. Summary: Young Ma Go-eun and her father are about to be evicted … Continue reading Webcomic Review: Jack the American Ghost, Season 1

 Webtoon Review: Bastard

Bastard was one of my very first Webtoons; I'd just caught up to Dr. Frost and was struggling on what to read next. So, being myself, I checked out the  thriller section...and man, what a ride this was. And now it's been completed. 😢. Warning: This review will have spoilers. There's no other way to put … Continue reading  Webtoon Review: Bastard