Her Stolen Voice Prologue

As I wrote this late at night, do pardon any spelling or grammar errors, and please enjoy this prologue to my original fantasy Web novel, Her Stolen Voice.


Help me choose a story, part two

So, I have a dilemma. My second story idea is in the lead with two votes. Problem is, I don't really have a plan for it. Now, the third story on the other hand, I've had stuck in my head for a while. So here are two excerpts from the stories. They're shorter than they … Continue reading Help me choose a story, part two

Traces, Part Nine

You would probably expect my jaw to drop to the floor at such a declaration. I mean, they did just say they think they know who the murder is, right? Wrong. I don’t believe them at all. Why should I? There are such false claims all the time, I’m not gonna believe every single one … Continue reading Traces, Part Nine

Traces, Part Seven

I think I regain consciousness when everything is shaking and bouncing. The world is really fuzzy though. I hear a lot of people talking and fussing, and the sound of machinery. My eyelids flutter open. There are a lot of faces and flashing lights that are bright enough to make me visibly cringe. An ambulance. … Continue reading Traces, Part Seven

Traces, Part 3

The text Sammy sends me only reads: I think I have a link. I can only guess what this means. Me: What are u talking about? Sammy: Between Angela and Jack's deaths. And now Whitney's. I groan and roll my eyes, lifting my phone to my forehead. Ever since Whitney Johnson died (drowning herself in a … Continue reading Traces, Part 3

Traces, Part Two

I have only gotten to the mid-way point on my English essay when the unthinkable happens.  The Internet shuts off again. The sixth. Bloody. Day. In a row. And before I saved the document!  I let out a sudden shrieking sentence filled with swear words as I tap violently at the computer uselessly, knowing that … Continue reading Traces, Part Two