Social Deductions: The Class Clown

I have never had a Social Deductions customer that I’ve known, or even knew of. So this makes this case a first. Around ten minutes after Social Deductions begins, the door opens. “Hello?” I ask, but then Evan’s eyes widen in recognition. “Mike! Hey, what’s up?” As they engage in conversation, I make some observations, … Continue reading Social Deductions: The Class Clown

Social Deductions: Volleyball

Social Deductions technically begins at 3:00, but some people apparently believe that it starts the second school is out. I see a girl with a ponytail sitting against the club door. “Hello?” I ask confusedly. She gets up quickly. “Oh, you’re here? Cool!” I pause for a moment. “Yeah… I’m here… Would you like to … Continue reading Social Deductions: Volleyball

Social Deductions: Twitch

The Social Deductions room is quiet. Evan couldn’t make it today; he’s going shopping for homecoming clothes. Please don’t choose lazy, couch potato sneakers, nothing like that please… I’ve been helping Evan for the past few weeks with shopping, but I didn’t want to miss Social Deductions, just in case someone came in. The … Continue reading Social Deductions: Twitch

Social Deductions: Broken Sentences

Author's Note: Yeah, I realize that this is a day late. Sorry, but I was just really busy yesterday and didn't have time to go on the computer; also, since school is starting soon, Social Deductions may be a day late, two days late, even three. Please be patient.   Click, click, click, click-click-click- “Will … Continue reading Social Deductions: Broken Sentences