Artist Spotlight: Snailords

Snailords is the artist behind the two comics Snailogy and Nightmare Factory. Snailogy is a slice of life with beautiful art that can alternate between being funny, moving, and inspiring. Basically, a slice of life with depth. Nightmare Factory is a fantasy that is zany and unpredictable in a good way. The writing may be circumspect at … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Snailords

Artist Spotlight: Maripaz Villar

Hello again! I know I said I'd do these on a biweekly schedule, but what can I say; I'm inspired! Anyway, Maripaz Villar is the creator of one of the best rom-coms out there (some of it due to its unconventional setting): Miss Abbott and the Doctor. It's charming, has a sketchy, mostly uncolored (but … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Maripaz Villar

Artist Spotlight: Tri Vuong

Tri Vuong is the creator of the creative, charming, and funny Webtoon, The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn. It has beautiful art and creative characters. Yet I recently found out that his work stretches out beyond that; he has even done illustrations for author Andy Weir, the writer of the critically acclaimed The Martian. The illustrations … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Tri Vuong

Artist spotlight: 69erocento

I have decided to put either monthly or biweekly spotlights on Webtoon/ webcomic artists who I believe deserve some recognition for their art and contributions to the webcomic community. First off is 69erocento, the creator of :Rebirth.    :Rebirth is one of my favorite Discover Webtoons. The story  involves time travel, a unique take on zombies, focuses on … Continue reading Artist spotlight: 69erocento