Update: Artist/Author Spotlight: 69Erocento

You my have wondered why I haven't been posting my artist spotlights for a few months... Well, that's because I've decided to stop doing artist spotlights... And start  writing Artist/Author Spotlights instead! I want to focus on not only amazing art, but amazing writing and storytelling too. So I edited my very first spotlight (talking … Continue reading Update: Artist/Author Spotlight: 69Erocento

Artist/Author Spotlight: 69erocento

I have decided to put either monthly or biweekly spotlights on Webtoon/ webcomic artists and authors who I believe deserve some recognition for their art and contributions to the webcomic community. First off is 69erocento, the creator of :Rebirth.   :Rebirth is one of my favorite Discover Webtoons. The story involves time travel, a unique take on zombies, … Continue reading Artist/Author Spotlight: 69erocento