Most Beautiful Webtoons By Genre: Drama

While I procrastinate on reading more Webtoons to work on my best male and female characters by genre, I decided to look at some art by genre. (What can I say? I like these genre centered posts. They're easier to pin down). I will also be doing lists like best writing! (I'm so lazy). I'm … Continue reading Most Beautiful Webtoons By Genre: Drama

My Top Ten Discover Webtoons

There are many great Webtoons that have not been featured...yet. Today we are exploring Webtoons still in the Discover area that I believe either need more attention, or maybe they're already popular, and have good reason. Let's start with some honorable mentions: Dragnarok, Ula Koc Domesticats Melodies of the Heart Uncommon Feelings Consillium, Oryza Kathleen … Continue reading My Top Ten Discover Webtoons