Web Series Review: RWBY Volume 3

Well now...let's just say Volume 3 is NOT what I was expecting. If you're sensitive to spoilers, maybe don't read this review, as there may be LIGHT spoilers ahead. This will also be a shorter review than usual, without pros and cons, because a lot of those have to do with SPOILERS. So sadly, not … Continue reading Web Series Review: RWBY Volume 3

Web series Review: RWBY Volume 2

After finishing the good, but not great, Volume 1, I can say that Volume 2 did improve. It may not be my favorite show ever, but I do appreciate the improvements made this Volume.Story: 3.5/5: The first half doesn't have a solid story, like the first volume, it's mainly character driven stories, mainly focusing on … Continue reading Web series Review: RWBY Volume 2

TV Review: RWBY Volume 1

I remember I started this back in February...I thought the idea had potential, but the animation just sort of turned me off. But one day, when the website where I was watching my current anime series was being glitchy, I decided to revisit RWBY, remembering the short episodes...and became addicted. (Sigh).  Summary: Using the power … Continue reading TV Review: RWBY Volume 1