Webtoon Review: Gepetto

It's been a while since I reviewed a Webtoon, so I decided to try this one out.  Summary: The inheritance from Professor Gepetto! People are now trying to get the inheritance to rule others, survive from the world, and earn love. Status:  Completed Story: 4.5/5: The summary doesn't do the best job describing the … Continue reading Webtoon Review: Gepetto

Analyzing Women’s Strength in Fiction: Mental Strength in Webtoons

Honorable mention: Ai Yun, Annarasumanara  1. Rosaura, Gepetto: Subcategory: emotional Link: Gepetto Rosaura may be one of the most intelligent androids to exist. She may look like a child, but without her, the androids would've lost the war against humans long ago. She is an expert hacker, but she's smarter than that; she is analytical and thoughtful, … Continue reading Analyzing Women’s Strength in Fiction: Mental Strength in Webtoons

My Favorite Webtoon Recommendations by Genre: Fantasy 

Fantasy is one of the most prevalent genres in Webtoon, which means there is a large variety of favorites to choose from. It's very versatile, and most of the fantasies are unique and much more different than other forms of media.  10. Kubera,Currygom, ongoing: Link: Kubera Fanart link: Kubera Tumblr My newest read, Kubera takes a while … Continue reading My Favorite Webtoon Recommendations by Genre: Fantasy 

My Webtoon Recommendations by Genre

As I looked over my old lists, I realized something vey important; typically, I recommend books, TV shows, anime, and movies by genre. But I haven't done that with Webtoons. So, to rectify my mistake, here are some great starter Webtoons from each genre! (Note, I'm only doing featured Webtoons. If I did discover Webtoons, … Continue reading My Webtoon Recommendations by Genre

Analyzing Women’s Strength in Fiction: Physical Strength in Webtoons

1. Sera, UnOrdinary: Subcategory: mental Link: unOrdinary Sera is apparently one of the most powerful characters in unOrdinary. According to John, she's almost a god. We still aren't sure what her powers are, but it's clearly got something to do with time; she can freeze people randomly, and can rewind certain events. Sera is a very … Continue reading Analyzing Women’s Strength in Fiction: Physical Strength in Webtoons

Matching Webtoons and Fandoms…

Hi! I have finally made my first Webtoon article, rather than a list. This is  an idea that Icebreaker694 gave me. Please check out their blog; if you like books and fandoms, you'll love it! This article matches Webtoons to fandoms.  Basically, if you find any of your fandoms on this list, there's a Webtoon suggestion … Continue reading Matching Webtoons and Fandoms…

 Top Ten Best World-Building in Webtoons 

Hey! Today we're talking about the top ten best Webtoons, which, in my opinion, centers around amazing stories that build  detailed and interesting culture, rules, laws, characters, and scenery. This will include fantasy worlds and science fiction worlds, and even the real world, as the real world can be as strange as fiction a lot. … Continue reading  Top Ten Best World-Building in Webtoons 

 My Top Ten Webtoon Antagonists

If the title didn't clue you in, today I'm going to talk about the antagonists in Webtoons. Not just the villains, the antagonists. The people who are against our main characters. Yes, often enough they are villains, but sometimes they're anti-heroes, or simply sympathetic in some form.  Let's start with some honorable mentions: Arlo, unOrdinary  … Continue reading  My Top Ten Webtoon Antagonists

My Top Ten Supporting Male Webtoon Characters 

Okay, so, similar to last week's list, we shall be taking a peek at the supporting male characters who, while they may not appear in every episode, still leave their impression. Also, SPOILERS. Let's start off with some honorable mentions: Tenka, S.I.D, Sadaham: Tenka  is surprisingly mysterious. All we know about him is that he's … Continue reading My Top Ten Supporting Male Webtoon Characters