Rest of My End of Year Lists: Webtoons

I had so much more planned for these lists, but because I'm getting tired, these will be short. The two lists after the first one will not have pictures. Sorry for the inconvenience! I guess I learned I need to be more organized, huh? Most Beautiful: 10. Winter Woods: 9. Catharsis: 8. Ghost Teller: 7. … Continue reading Rest of My End of Year Lists: Webtoons

Best Webtoons for Halloween

Halloween is coming up faster than I expected, and so here's a post on some of the best Webtoons to read for this holiday. I am going to include some of the creepiest Webtoons, and also some horror-comedy comics as well, if you like your creepy mixed with humor. 10. The Crawling City, Merryweatherey:  Link: The … Continue reading Best Webtoons for Halloween

Top Nine Webtoons with Paranormal ElementsĀ 

I am taking a break from my genre lists, as Halloween is I decided to do a paranormal list! Not quite a "scary" list yet, that'll come up soon though! Probably closer to the 31st šŸ˜‰ So, here are nine comics to read if you like your stories with a touch of the paranormal. … Continue reading Top Nine Webtoons with Paranormal ElementsĀ