The Mulan Book Tag

Thanks Icebreaker for tagging me for this tag! (Mulan is probably one of my favorite Disney movies). She blogs a bit about everything, so go check her out! Rules: • Mention the creator (Kirsty and the Cat Read) • Thank/mention the person who tagged you • Match books or characters to the questions below • … Continue reading The Mulan Book Tag

Halloween Creatures Book Tag

Thanks Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews for tagging me for this tag! If, for some reason, you haven't checked out her blog yet, you should: she has a wide variety of book reviews and features, and is definitely one of the most unique book bloggers out there. However, before we get to the tag, a quick announcement: … Continue reading Halloween Creatures Book Tag

The Time and Place Book Tag

Thanks Icebreaker for tagging me for this tag! It's a really unique one. This tag was created by Jen Campbell.  Rule: Pick ten books from your shelves that you associate with a specific time and place in your life. Tell us the story behind your choices and what the books are about. Like Icebreaker, I'm a little lost … Continue reading The Time and Place Book Tag

Fight Like a YA Girl Tag

Thank you so much Mandy for tagging me for this super awesome, inspiring tag! When I first saw it, I really, really liked it. Different kinds of strength is an interesting topic to me that needs to be explored more (I even have my own Women's Strength in Fiction Series) It's really inspirational, makes you think more … Continue reading Fight Like a YA Girl Tag

Listicle Tag

Thank you Birdie for tagging me for this! This is a really cool, versatile tag, I love it. You should totally check out Birdie's blog; she has awesome reviews and tags.  The definition of a listicle is:  Rules Create your own listicle tag, using the prompt from the person who tagged you. Tag the creator of the … Continue reading Listicle Tag

The Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag

I was tagged by Icebreaker for this not as dark as it sounds tag! It was a lot of fun! (I didn't even realize this was based off an anime...oh dear.) Greed  WHAT IS YOUR MOST INEXPENSIVE BOOK? WHAT IS YOUR MOST EXPENSIVE BOOK?: Expensive: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I think it was almost 30$... … Continue reading The Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag

Dreamy Book Covers Tag

Thank you Tiana for tagging me for your own original tag! I'm sorry it took me so long to do!   The Rules:  1. Thank the lovely person who tagged you, spread the love!  2. Meantion me Tiana @ The Book Raven as the (insert adjective here) [awesome] creator of this book tag!  3. Use the original tag … Continue reading Dreamy Book Covers Tag

The Sims Book Tag

Thanks Ava for nominating me for this! The Sims is one of those few games I played...a few years ago. So I sorta forgot about it, haha. The Original Sims – the best author debut Need I explain? The Grim Reaper – saddest character death: Uh...too many to count...seriously.  Sims Getting Stuck – a character that just … Continue reading The Sims Book Tag

Analyzing Women’s Strength in Fiction: Mental Strength in Books

First, what is mental strength? It's not just intelligence; it's how you use your smarts. It can be perseverance in achieving goals, to sticking to what you know is right. It can be the opposite too; being able to change your beliefs when they are proven wrong. It can be being flexible as well. Mental strength … Continue reading Analyzing Women’s Strength in Fiction: Mental Strength in Books

Harry Potter Book Tag

Harry Potter was one of the first book series I ever read, and even almost ten years later, it still stands out. Thanks Sophie @ Blame it on Chocolate for nominating me for this very fun tag! She has amazing book reviews and tags.  The Harry Potter book tag was created by Trang and Lashaan @Bookidote. Also, in … Continue reading Harry Potter Book Tag