A Random List: My Favorite Fictional Animals+ Kind of Hiatus

Hey guys, guess what? After deciding to finally get organized, I remember that I have to go on a very important trip in two days! I don't want to give any personal info, but let's say this is very important, and I need a lot of luck. But this means I'm gonna be on a … Continue reading A Random List: My Favorite Fictional Animals+ Kind of Hiatus

Marvel’s The Avengers Book Tag

Thanks to Sam @ River Moose Books for tagging me for this! Did you know I am also a big Marvel fan? Well...I am. Iron Man – a book that made you laugh out loud: Okay. There are a lot of books that make me chuckle here and there, mainly due to surprise sass. But … Continue reading Marvel’s The Avengers Book Tag

Princess Sidekicks Book Tag

Thanks Mandy for tagging me for this fun and creative tag! Please check her out, she has such creative content. MUSHU FROM MULAN/OLAF + SVEN FROM FROZEN THE COMIC RELIEF – NAME YOUR FAVORITE HILARIOUS CHARACTER OR YOUR FAVORITE COMEDY/FUNNY BOOK A Webtoon, not a book. I don't read many funny books. But of course, … Continue reading Princess Sidekicks Book Tag

Rapid Fire Book Tag

I have seen this tag everywhere but have yet to actually do it...so here we are! The goal is to give short and simple answers! E-Book or Physical Book? Physical books. I've said numerous times that there's something about e-books that I don't like sensory wise. I just like the feeling of books. Paperback or … Continue reading Rapid Fire Book Tag

The Norse Mythology Book Tag

Thanks Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews for tagging me for this! This is a really cool, unique tag! Also, since my school break will be over Monday, I'm going to go back to my every other day posts. Blogging everyday has been fun, but now...school. Rules: Link back to my original post on Kyera’s Library … Continue reading The Norse Mythology Book Tag

My 7 Favorite Book Protagonists (At the moment)

I'm having a touch of writer's block today, and since I have a mild headache and slightly blurred vision  (I had to have my eyes dilated at the eye doctor's today) I decided to do something more low key and choose to talk about some of my favorite book protagonists. The main thing to remember … Continue reading My 7 Favorite Book Protagonists (At the moment)

The Greek Gods Book Tag

Thanks Chaotic Everything for tagging me for this! You may not know this, but I used to absolutely love Greek mythology as a kid! (I think Percy Jackson influenced that, lol)  The Rules: Pingback to me here (BookBum Zuky created this tag!) so I can read all your posts!! You can use my graphics if ya like, but … Continue reading The Greek Gods Book Tag

“What Cats Do” book tag (original)

So... I have created another tag...haha. This time, it's just for books and written media [comics, manga, Webtoons] and the questions are all based on things cats do and things cat owners experience. Before this tag starts, I'd like you to appreciate my cats for a moment: I will probably do another variation on this … Continue reading “What Cats Do” book tag (original)