Power Couple Tag

While desperately looking for a something to post for Valentine's Day, I remembered that Sophie had tagged me for this tag! So, thanks so much, Sophie! For an extra challenge (for myself) I'm gonna try to stay away from books for this Tag, just for fun. This tag was originally created by Cassiopeia’s Moon. Please … Continue reading Power Couple Tag

My Favorite Webtoon Recommendations By Genre: Romance

Typically, I don't go for the pure romance genre; the couples usually lack chemistry for me. But Webtoons don't seem to have that problem; many of the romances I've read, I've actually enjoyed. So here are my recommendations: 10. My Dear Cold Blooded King, lifelight, ongoing: Link: My Dear Cold Blooded King The story takes place … Continue reading My Favorite Webtoon Recommendations By Genre: Romance

Artist Spotlight: Maripaz Villar

Hello again! I know I said I'd do these on a biweekly schedule, but what can I say; I'm inspired! Anyway, Maripaz Villar is the creator of one of the best rom-coms out there (some of it due to its unconventional setting): Miss Abbott and the Doctor. It's charming, has a sketchy, mostly uncolored (but … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Maripaz Villar

My Webtoon Recommendations by Genre

As I looked over my old lists, I realized something vey important; typically, I recommend books, TV shows, anime, and movies by genre. But I haven't done that with Webtoons. So, to rectify my mistake, here are some great starter Webtoons from each genre! (Note, I'm only doing featured Webtoons. If I did discover Webtoons, … Continue reading My Webtoon Recommendations by Genre

“What Cats Do” book tag (original)

So... I have created another tag...haha. This time, it's just for books and written media [comics, manga, Webtoons] and the questions are all based on things cats do and things cat owners experience. Before this tag starts, I'd like you to appreciate my cats for a moment: I will probably do another variation on this … Continue reading “What Cats Do” book tag (original)

My Top Ten Webtoon Couples

Due to my not being much of a romantic, I have put off doing this list for a while. Mainly because there may be a lot of fictional couples I like, but I don't care for gushing over them. So, while I may have OTPs and ships, I'm not good at talking about them at … Continue reading My Top Ten Webtoon Couples

 My Top Twelve Lead Male Webtoon Characters 

So, last week I did a list on the leading women in Webtoons. Now it's the guy's turn! Like last week, we will not be doing side guy characters. Basically, the same rules will apply for the guys this week as it was for the girls last week. I.E, spoilers...spoiler warning, just in case. I will … Continue reading  My Top Twelve Lead Male Webtoon Characters 

My Top Twelve Lead Female Webtoon Characters

Now we're getting really specific! This week's article is on the lead female characters in Webtoons. Don't worry, the guys will get their turn next week! Also, these will be the main female characters, so side female characters will not appear on this list. But there may be a list on side female and male characters … Continue reading My Top Twelve Lead Female Webtoon Characters