My Top Ten Discover Webtoons

There are many great Webtoons that have not been featured...yet. Today we are exploring Webtoons still in the Discover area that I believe either need more attention, or maybe they're already popular, and have good reason. Let's start with some honorable mentions: Dragnarok, Ula Koc Domesticats Melodies of the Heart Uncommon Feelings Consillium, Oryza Kathleen … Continue reading My Top Ten Discover Webtoons

 My Top Ten Most Beautiful Webtoons, Part 2

I have gotten into a lot more Webtoons recently that have amazing art. So, I have decided to write about them again.this will include Webtoons with unique and appealing art and interesting composition. Basically, the same rules apply as in the last list. Old honorable mentions may make the list now. You can find my … Continue reading  My Top Ten Most Beautiful Webtoons, Part 2