Princess Sidekicks Book Tag

Thanks Mandy for tagging me for this fun and creative tag! Please check her out, she has such creative content. MUSHU FROM MULAN/OLAF + SVEN FROM FROZEN THE COMIC RELIEF – NAME YOUR FAVORITE HILARIOUS CHARACTER OR YOUR FAVORITE COMEDY/FUNNY BOOK A Webtoon, not a book. I don't read many funny books. But of course, … Continue reading Princess Sidekicks Book Tag

My Top Ten Favorite TV Show soundtracks

Yeah, I know this is sort of a filler post...but I wanted to write it. Hopefully I will have a post on my favorite anime soundtracks up soon! Maybe sometime next week. 10. X-Files Soundtrack, Mark Snow: Standouts: Materia Primoris, The X Files Theme This has an eerie, electronic sound to it. I haven't seen … Continue reading My Top Ten Favorite TV Show soundtracks

Analyzing Women’s Strength in Fiction: Emotional Strength in TV and Anime

I am so sorry for being so late! I have been really busy and frankly, forgot about this post. But it's here! Honorable mention: Shado, Arrow 1. Molly Hooper, Sherlock Subcategory: mental In the first season of Sherlock, Molly appears to just be a kind girl who has a crush on Sherlock. However, in season … Continue reading Analyzing Women’s Strength in Fiction: Emotional Strength in TV and Anime

Celebrating Platonic Affection

On Valentine's Day, everyone has romance on the brain. But for those of us who aren't in a relationship/don't really want to, I decided to list eight notable friendships, with two from each of these forms of fiction: books, TV, movies, and Webtoons. Book:  Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger, The Harry Potter series … Continue reading Celebrating Platonic Affection

Matching Webtoons and Fandoms…

Hi! I have finally made my first Webtoon article, rather than a list. This is  an idea that Icebreaker694 gave me. Please check out their blog; if you like books and fandoms, you'll love it! This article matches Webtoons to fandoms.  Basically, if you find any of your fandoms on this list, there's a Webtoon suggestion … Continue reading Matching Webtoons and Fandoms…