Traces, Part Two

I have only gotten to the mid-way point on my English essay when the unthinkable happens.  The Internet shuts off again. The sixth. Bloody. Day. In a row. And before I saved the document!  I let out a sudden shrieking sentence filled with swear words as I tap violently at the computer uselessly, knowing that … Continue reading Traces, Part Two

Traces, Part One

There is just SOME information you could live without, which is something our new landlord, Mr. Black, seemingly can't understand. Half the information he gives me is stuff I will never tell my mother. Never. It'll only stress her out even more.  Like how the electricity goes out maybe once or twice a year and … Continue reading Traces, Part One

Summary For My Short Story Series: Traces

Author's note: As it is October, I have decided to try to write a psychological thriller that can actually be scary. Up until this point, I have mainly been writing things like mysteries. So while I want to make this at least a little scary and suspenseful, please keep in mind that this is my … Continue reading Summary For My Short Story Series: Traces

Short Story: Not My Cat

I wake up in the middle of the night to a small bundle of fluff resting on my hip. Mm. Looks like the cat’s come in early, I think to myself. I almost lean over to pat his head, but I stop myself. Either you’ll wake yourself up, or you’ll wake him up and he’ll … Continue reading Short Story: Not My Cat

New Feature?: Short Stories

As many of you know, I enjoy writing quite a bit. I used to post short stories here, but have neglected to do so for a while. Are you guys interested in my stories? If it helps, they'll be fairly varied. I enjoy writing thrillers, psychological thriller/horror, mystery, fantasy,  science fiction, and often a blend … Continue reading New Feature?: Short Stories

The Wizard’s Solution

Author's note: In the previous story, the Wozard's client had no name to protect the not so innocent; this week, she shall be known as Jane Doe. The Wizard's name won't be revealed to protect the innocent. Neither shall Jane Doe's husband.    "Is it done?" Ms. Doe asked greedily. The Wizard walked over to the … Continue reading The Wizard’s Solution

The Wizard’s Dilemna

The Wizard had never expected this. He had expected people to come to him asking for the cure to cancer. He'd expected elderly parent's children running to him, begging for dementia cures. In other words, he'd expected people to ask for cures for the incurable. This was the one situation he was not prepared for. … Continue reading The Wizard’s Dilemna