Top Nine Webtoons with Paranormal Elements 

I am taking a break from my genre lists, as Halloween is I decided to do a paranormal list! Not quite a "scary" list yet, that'll come up soon though! Probably closer to the 31st 😉 So, here are nine comics to read if you like your stories with a touch of the paranormal. … Continue reading Top Nine Webtoons with Paranormal Elements 

 Top Ten Best World-Building in Webtoons 

Hey! Today we're talking about the top ten best Webtoons, which, in my opinion, centers around amazing stories that build  detailed and interesting culture, rules, laws, characters, and scenery. This will include fantasy worlds and science fiction worlds, and even the real world, as the real world can be as strange as fiction a lot. … Continue reading  Top Ten Best World-Building in Webtoons 

 My Top Ten Most Beautiful Webtoons, Part 2

I have gotten into a lot more Webtoons recently that have amazing art. So, I have decided to write about them again.this will include Webtoons with unique and appealing art and interesting composition. Basically, the same rules apply as in the last list. Old honorable mentions may make the list now. You can find my … Continue reading  My Top Ten Most Beautiful Webtoons, Part 2

“What Cats Do” book tagï»ż (original)

So... I have created another tag...haha. This time, it's just for books and written media [comics, manga, Webtoons] and the questions are all based on things cats do and things cat owners experience. Before this tag starts, I'd like you to appreciate my cats for a moment: I will probably do another variation on this … Continue reading “What Cats Do” book tagï»ż (original)

 My Top Ten Webtoon Antagonists

If the title didn't clue you in, today I'm going to talk about the antagonists in Webtoons. Not just the villains, the antagonists. The people who are against our main characters. Yes, often enough they are villains, but sometimes they're anti-heroes, or simply sympathetic in some form.  Let's start with some honorable mentions: Arlo, unOrdinary  … Continue reading  My Top Ten Webtoon Antagonists

My Top Twelve Lead Female Webtoon Characters

Now we're getting really specific! This week's article is on the lead female characters in Webtoons. Don't worry, the guys will get their turn next week! Also, these will be the main female characters, so side female characters will not appear on this list. But there may be a list on side female and male characters … Continue reading My Top Twelve Lead Female Webtoon Characters