Underrated Female Heroes Tag (Original)

Hey, welcome to another original tag created by yours truly! This is just a way to appreciate some favorite female characters, some of whom deserve more credit and popularity than they get. Rules: Please PINGBACK to me at Kate @ Melting Pots and Other Calamities. Or just Kate. And PINGBACK TO A SPECIFIC POST OF MINE. … Continue reading Underrated Female Heroes Tag (Original)

My Fandom Recommendations: Shadowhunter Books

Okay, this one took a long time to do. Webtoons doesn't have the best paranormal department, so I mixed it up with what they do have, and stories with very messy romance. Siren's Lament: This has almost everything a Shadowhunter novel has: a strong female lead, supernatural events and creatures (specifically, Sirens), and a love … Continue reading My Fandom Recommendations: Shadowhunter Books

Analyzing Women’s Strength in Fiction: Mental Strength in Books

Well, here we are again! I did this series of articles last year, where I took several female characters from fiction and looked over the ways they could be considered "strong". I was able to come up with three types of strengths: physical, emotional, and mental. Even within those three categories, the types of strength … Continue reading Analyzing Women’s Strength in Fiction: Mental Strength in Books

The Norse Mythology Book Tag

Thanks Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews for tagging me for this! This is a really cool, unique tag! Also, since my school break will be over Monday, I'm going to go back to my every other day posts. Blogging everyday has been fun, but now...school. Rules: Link back to my original post on Kyera’s Library … Continue reading The Norse Mythology Book Tag

The How I Choose my Books Tag

Thanks The Orangutan Librarian for tagging me for this! They have awesome book reviews, which I highly recommend! Find a book on your shelves or ereader with a blue cover. What made you want to pick up this book? I saw a post Icebreaker did on Books for the Fangirl, and this was recommended  for fans of … Continue reading The How I Choose my Books Tag

The New Disney Princess Book Tag

I remember when Mandy from Book Princess Reviews and Zuky from Book Bum first created this tag. Mandy even tagged me for it right off the back! Way back in May...but that was around the time my tags drafts became kinda wonky, and I may have deleted this...whoops. Sorry for taking so long to get … Continue reading The New Disney Princess Book Tag

My 7 Favorite Book Protagonists (At the moment)

I'm having a touch of writer's block today, and since I have a mild headache and slightly blurred vision  (I had to have my eyes dilated at the eye doctor's today) I decided to do something more low key and choose to talk about some of my favorite book protagonists. The main thing to remember … Continue reading My 7 Favorite Book Protagonists (At the moment)

Fight Like a YA Girl Tag

Thank you so much Mandy for tagging me for this super awesome, inspiring tag! When I first saw it, I really, really liked it. Different kinds of strength is an interesting topic to me that needs to be explored more (I even have my own Women's Strength in Fiction Series) It's really inspirational, makes you think more … Continue reading Fight Like a YA Girl Tag

Mid Year Book Freakout Tag

Time is of the essence with this one, so here it is! Thanks Mandy for tagging me for this fun tag! Please check out her blog; it has so many books and creative posts, like her Princesses Read posts! The Tag: 1. Best Book You've Read So Far in 2017: Oh gosh....so many... here are just a … Continue reading Mid Year Book Freakout Tag

Happy Mother’s Day!: Celebrating mothers in fiction 

If any of my followers happen to be mothers, well, happy Mother's Day! Seriously, you have one of the hardest, most under appreciated jobs in the entire world.  Anyway, I wanted to focus on some of the best mothers (or maternal figures) that fiction has to offer. Movies: Hana, Wolf Children: Hana is the ultimate … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!: Celebrating mothers in fiction