Most Beautiful Fantasy Webtoons

I am...sort of back? I dunno. I mean, I think I will be posting more than I have been, but not every other day. I don't want to burn myself out again. We'll see how that goes. Anyway, same rules apply as for the drama list. I will use official and non official art, and … Continue reading Most Beautiful Fantasy Webtoons

Top Nine Webtoons with Paranormal Elements 

I am taking a break from my genre lists, as Halloween is I decided to do a paranormal list! Not quite a "scary" list yet, that'll come up soon though! Probably closer to the 31st ūüėČ So, here are nine comics to read if you like your stories with a touch of the paranormal. … Continue reading Top Nine Webtoons with Paranormal Elements¬†

Most Beautiful Webtoons By Genre: Fantasy

Like with my Drama list, I will use a mix of official art and non official art. I will also have 11 choices; there are too many gorgeous fantasy Webtoons! 11. Rise From Ashes, Madeleine Rosca, ongoing: Link:¬†Rise from Ashes This is a very steampunk style comic. It's also a blend of manga and a … Continue reading Most Beautiful Webtoons By Genre: Fantasy

Update: Artist/Author Spotlight: Tri Vuong

Due to the posts that I've been working on lately being fairly long, I decided to try and update some more of my older posts, including this one! Like with my last Artist/Author Spotlight, I added my thoughts of the story and writing of the comic in question, this time it being The Strange Tales … Continue reading Update: Artist/Author Spotlight: Tri Vuong

My Favorite Webtoon Recommendations by Genre: Fantasy 

Fantasy is one of the most prevalent genres in Webtoon, which means there is a large variety of favorites to choose from. It's very versatile, and most of the fantasies are unique and much more different than other forms of media.  10. Kubera,Currygom, ongoing: Link: Kubera Fanart link: Kubera Tumblr My newest read, Kubera takes a while … Continue reading My Favorite Webtoon Recommendations by Genre: Fantasy¬†

Artist/Author Spotlight: Tri Vuong

Tri Vuong is the creator of the creative, charming, and funny Webtoon, The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn. It has beautiful art and creative characters. Yet I recently found out that his work stretches out beyond that; he has even done illustrations for author Andy Weir, the writer of the critically acclaimed The Martian. The illustrations … Continue reading Artist/Author Spotlight: Tri Vuong

My Top Ten Best Webtoon Writers

I'm a writer. Why have I not done this before? Anyway, today I'm looking at those writers on Webtoon who either have a great writing style, great plot ideas, well rounded characters, who are versatile,  who stay away from clich√©s, and who have brilliant plot twists. Preferably a mix of all of those. So, be … Continue reading My Top Ten Best Webtoon Writers

 My Top Twelve Lead Male Webtoon Characters 

So, last week I did a list on the leading women in Webtoons. Now it's the guy's turn! Like last week, we will not be doing side guy characters. Basically, the same rules will apply for the guys this week as it was for the girls last week. I.E, spoilers...spoiler warning, just in case. I will … Continue reading ¬†My Top Twelve Lead Male Webtoon Characters¬†

My Top Ten Most Beautiful Webtoons

I'm a sucker for a good story. But I'm also a sucker for good art. Webtoons manage to have a plethora of stories that have both. For those who don't know, Webtoons is a website that has FREE comics. Most are manhwa from Korea that is being officially translated, but there are several that are self … Continue reading My Top Ten Most Beautiful Webtoons