The Horror Movie Book Tag

Thanks Icebreaker for tagging me for this super timely tag! If you haven't yet checked out her blog, do so now; she posts about practically everything, from books to manga and anime to video games! I have a strange relationship with horror. I love reading horror books, but with movies it's weird; I prefer psychological horror, so … Continue reading The Horror Movie Book Tag

Book Review: When

Usually, when I read a book, I end up liking it. That's because I'm picky with what I choose. But sometimes I find a book that's a dud. Sadly, this was one of those times. I read this a year or two ago, and liked it well enough. I decided to pick it up again … Continue reading Book Review: When

The Greek Gods Book Tag

Thanks Chaotic Everything for tagging me for this! You may not know this, but I used to absolutely love Greek mythology as a kid! (I think Percy Jackson influenced that, lol)  The Rules: Pingback to me here (BookBum Zuky created this tag!) so I can read all your posts!! You can use my graphics if ya like, but … Continue reading The Greek Gods Book Tag

The Sims Book Tag

Thanks Ava for nominating me for this! The Sims is one of those few games I played...a few years ago. So I sorta forgot about it, haha. The Original Sims – the best author debut Need I explain? The Grim Reaper – saddest character death: Uh...too many to count...seriously.  Sims Getting Stuck – a character that just … Continue reading The Sims Book Tag