My Attempt to Help a Favorite Artist…

As most of you know, the Webtoon artist Snailords is one of my favorite artists. Anyway, he recently announced that his laptop is about to die and he is now having a fundraiser to buy a new laptop and continue creating comics. Here is some more information: Link

I have no money to become a Patreon, but I decided to try to help by spreading this situation around. I thought maybe a follower or even someone who randomly came upon this post could help. 

Now most of you have probably not read either Snailogy or Nightmare Factory, and therefore don’t particularly want to help. And you may be wondering why I’m trying to help this artist so much. Well, here are the links to both comics if you want to see his art and read his writing: SnailogyNightmare Factory.

Just a bit of information: Nightmare Factory starts off kind of confusing. I remember that I dropped it after two chapters because I couldn’t figure out what was going on. But then after reading Snailogy, I decided to try out NF again. And clearly, I loved it. 

Still unsure whether to check out the above two comics and/or possibly help support Snailords? Here’s some of his art:

Link: Nightmare Factory

Link: Have a cup of InsaniTEA

Snailogy 84: I won’t be sad: link

Link: Nightmare Factory Poster

Link: Exhausted

Link: Snailords tumblr

Link: Delivery

2 thoughts on “My Attempt to Help a Favorite Artist…

  1. I love SnaiLords! He’s such a great artist, it’s so sad that his lap top is broken. I don’t have a Patreon or any money for one sadly. 😭 Wish I did though. Great post idea, I hope it helps him!

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    1. Same here. I don’t have any money to donate to Patreon, which is why I made this post; I wanted to help spread the word about both his comics and his situation. Hopefully someone will like the art I showed, check out the comics, and be able to help. (Fingers crossed).

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