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Thanks Rendz@ Reading With Rendz for tagging me! To be honest, I think I read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe a long time ago, and I’ve only seen the first movie…(prepares for the hate for doing this tag with little knowledge of Narnia). However, I plan to read more of the books sometime in my lifetime!

This tag was created by Clémence@Clemi’s Bookish World

NARNIA – A magical world you would like to visit?

Hmm…maybe the steampunk alternate history universe of Stoker and Holmes. It’s so unique, and has fantasy, science fiction, the paranormal, and mystery! 

THE MAGICIAN’S NEPHEW – A book you think is underrated?

So many. Again, Stoker and Holmes is ridiculously unknown, and I feel as though True Grit is overshadowed by both its movies. And I Am The Messenger seems to be overlooked in comparison to The Book Thief.

THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE – A classic that you love?

Rebecca. I don’t usually like classics, but this was a huge exception.

THE HORSE AND HIS BOY – A book you picked up without knowing what it was about?

I’ve done this a few times (only reading the back of the book) and the latest book I did this with was Jackaby. And it’s amazing. 

PRINCE CASPIAN – A sequel that you loved?

Clockwork Prince, any Harry Potter book, The Spiritglass Charade. And more.

THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER – A quest you’d like to be a part of?

I would die on any quest I could join…so…I dunno.

THE SILVER CHAIR – A book you didn’t expect to love?
Clockwork Angel. Or just the entire TID series. 

THE LAST BATTLE – A perfect ending to a series you love?
Most of my favorite series haven’t ended… But maybe Harry Potter, or TID, or perhaps the Webtoon Annarasumanara.

THE PEVENSIES – A siblinghood or friendship you’d love to be a part of?

Man, there are so many characters who are #friendshipgoals. I wouldn’t want to be a part of the friendship exactly (I don’t think any characters I like would want to be good friends with me, lol), but some notable friendships that I wish I could have in some way, would be: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, Sherlock, The Doctor and Donna, Doctor Who, Will and Jem, TID, Clary and Simon, TMI, and John and Sera, unOrdinary.

EUSTACE SCRUBB – A character who grew on you?

Um…one would have to be Will from TID. I was so mad at him at the end of Clockwork Angel, he was such a jerk to Tessa. But in Clockwork Prince, I remember finding out everything that was going on with him and thinking, “I take back every bad thing I thought!” Now he’s one of my favorite characters from TID. I know there have been more characters from other stories, but I can’t think of any at the moment. 

TUMNUS – Your favourite mystical creature?

It depends on the character. But  one  would be Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro.

CASPIAN – A character with regal qualities?

Anyone who’s royalty, lol. Maybe Nausicaa from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind? (I’m choosing people at random, haha)

REEPICHEEP: a loyal character

Too many! Hmm…Toothless from How to Train your Dragon.  (Animals are too cute!)

THE WARDROBE – Your favourite hideout/place to read?

The chair in my room. It’s comfy, and sometimes one (or both) of my cats cuddle with me! 

Well, I’m not gonna tag anyone this time around. I think I’m still recovering from test week, haha. But if you liked this tag and want to do it, go right ahead! You don’t even need a ton of Narnia knowledge to enjoy doing this, believe me. 

13 thoughts on “The Narnia Tag

  1. YAYAYAY SUCH WONDERFUL ANSWERS! *even though you don’t know too much about Narnia, I forgive you!* All the Stoker & Holmes references made me happy, I love that series! It’s definitely a guilty pleasure of mine! I am so glad you had fun with this tag!

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  2. I love Narnia! This is such a cool tag! I’m glad you like Jackaby! I finished Beastly Bones, and my review will be out in 2 months or so. (T-T I’m really slow with my reviews.) I don’t think I’d survive on a quest either, haha. I’ll probably get eaten by a dangerous animal, or not have any food/water with me. I Am the Messenger looks like a great book, I’ll probably read it after The Book Thief. Also I commented on another post of yours, but I’m not sure I hit “send” because it doesn’t show up. To sum it up I’ve recently got the app for Tapastic because the site was slow after the update. I learned how keys work, and I just found the “watch ad” option (I couldn’t find it before) and can start reading some of the locked comics. (There’s one about Sherlock! I believe it’s a spin-off, either way the art looks great!) I found out that the amount of coins for one key varies per comic, and most comics give you one free key. Also you get 200 coins just for downloading the app, but they expire within a week, so use them fast. I know you wanted to discover this for yourself, I’m sorry, but at least you have a good grasp on the coins now! 🙂 Hope I helped, and sorry again that this comment is lengthy!

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    1. I really liked Jackaby! It was so creative, and I really want to read Beastly Bones now. Did you like it? You must read I Am The Messenger! It’s amazing, contemporary mixed with mystery and it’s just in a genre all of its own. Oh! I think for some reason it went to “spam” (maybe you sent it from your email? Idk that’s what it looks like). And cool! Ooh, that’s so cool! Have you started reading American Ghost Jack season 2? And I think Andy Weir (the guy who wrote The Martian) is writing short stories about Moriarty on there! And there are illustrations by Tri Vuong, who created The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn (another awesome Webtoon). And no problem, I’m glad you told me! It sounds awesome! I’ll make sure to “approve” the other comment. And lengthy comments are awesome!


      1. Yay! I’m so glad you want to read book 2! I did like it! Also I’ll keep that in mind when I’m looking into I Am the Messenger!! It sounds really cool now, thanks! I have started season 2, I was able to unlock two episodes so far! It’s getting exciting, more than S1 if you can believe that. 😄 I didn’t hear about Andy Weir creating a story on there, I’ll have to check it out! (I love The Martian!) Also, sounds good!

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      2. I wanna read all of them now, haha. And I really hope you like I am the Messenger. It’s one of my favorites. And ooh, I wanna read it so bad! Agh! Only two episodes and it’s more exciting? Gah! And yes, it’s locked (though some are free) but what I’ve read so far is awesome! And I also love The Martian!

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      3. I hope I will too! And it’s exciting after two episodes, it’s hard not to binge! But I’m planning on saving enough coins to unlocking several chapters at a time so I could. The amount of coins varies per ad. I get either 12 or 26 at a time, and each episode costs around 225 coins. Also I’ll keep my eye out for that story!

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