Updates+ Q&A?

First, let’s get to the updates: just letting you know I’ve re-ranked a few lists and made linking easier. The first one is My Top Twelve Lead Female Webtoon Characters, and the second one is My Top Ten Webtoon Couples. Please check them out! And has anyone noticed that I FINALLY changed my menu? Is it easier to navigate, or are there some kinks you’d like me to iron out? 

And would you guys be interested in a post that details something really cool I had the opportunity to do for my school’s (critically acclaimed, no joke) theater department? I would do a joke comic for it, if you’re interested. (It would include stick figures though, so don’t make your hopes high) 

And oh my gosh, I found another site that hosts the translated American Ghost Jack season 1! And it doesn’t seem to have the annoying page cut offs the other site did! I’m so excited! Although I still haven’t done research on season 2, I can look at the comic without those cut offs (and probably become even more emotional lol) You can find it here: American Ghost Jack. I’ll update my other AGJ links with this one too. 

So, please lemme know what you think in the comments! 

And I meant to announce this when I reached 100 followers, but totally forgot about it… I think I’ll do a Q&A! I may not have been on this site a year (that’ll be in August), but I’ve decided to do one now (when I have 100 followers) and probably another one in August (because that’ll be my one year anniversary)

Please leave your comments on the updates and any questions you have for the Q&A in the comments section! Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Updates+ Q&A?

  1. Oh! I’m so glad you found another site for American Ghost Jack!
    Also Q & A:
    What are your reading goals for this year? (Comics, Manga, Books…)
    What’s the strangest thing you ever read in a book/comic/manga?
    What are your cats’ names, and how did you name them that?
    If you were to write a story about one of your cats, what would it be about?
    What was the first thing you thought of this morning?
    😀 Some of these are random questions, but I can’t wait to see what you put!

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