Artist Spotlight: Maripaz Villar

Hello again! I know I said I’d do these on a biweekly schedule, but what can I say; I’m inspired! Anyway, Maripaz Villar is the creator of one of the best rom-coms out there (some of it due to its unconventional setting): Miss Abbott and the Doctor. It’s charming, has a sketchy, mostly uncolored (but some cool details are) and has fun, likeable characters. Oh, and it takes place in an idealized Victorian society; how cool is that?

Miss Abbott and the Doctor is one of the few rom-coms I can say I really, really like. It’s innovative and fun. And the two leads are equally memorable; Cati Abbott is the opposite of a classic Victorian woman, boisterous, spontaneous, and adventurous. Andreas Marino is a proper Victorian gentleman, yet open-minded and quite humorous. I recommend this comic for anyone who needs a break from angsty, feelsy romances and needs some warm and fuzzy fluff. You can find it here: Miss Abbott and the Doctor


12 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight: Maripaz Villar

      1. I did! OMG it’s the cutest most adorable thing ever *_* Thank you for recommending it to me, Kate!
        For some reason I had this idea that it would be kind of like Doctor Who? Which would still be awesome but not what I was looking for at the time.
        So yeah, super happy to have tried this one. I’ve been binge reading it ever since I posted this comment and I’m not ashamed of it! XD
        So true. The world needs more Miss Abbott and the Doctor! Thanks again!

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      2. Yes! It’s so cute. Cati and Andreas have some of the best chemistry. And no problem; it’s too cute to not recommend.
        OMG, so did I! When my friend recommended it I just looked at her like, “Doctor? Like Doctor Who?’ XD. It would be awesome though. A time travel Webtoon…man, that’d be cool! And yes, the world needs more rom-coms like MAATD.

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      3. I feel all fuzzy inside whenever I read MAATD… They’re so cute together!!! Argh, fangirling so hard! ❤
        Yes, that's what I thought! And she was his companion! Made total sense! Not that I was super bothered to find out it was nothing of the sort hahaha But I would totally want a time travel webtoon too!

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      4. Same! Ugh, each chapter is just pure adorable and fangirl worthy.
        I know! But my friend clarified for me once she saw my face 😂. And a time travel Webtoon…I am so ready!
        Well, there’s :Rebirth, a discover Webtoon that does have time travel involved, although it isn’t the main focus.

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      5. Hmm, I’ll keep that one in mind. Right now I’m so into MAATD though that I don’t want to get into too many more webtoons before I finish it hahaha (or what’s out so far, anyway)
        Waiting for more chapters will be torture! 😦

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