Artist Spotlight: Snailords

Snailords is the artist behind the two comics Snailogy and Nightmare Factory. Snailogy is a slice of life with beautiful art that can alternate between being funny, moving, and inspiring. Basically, a slice of life with depth. Nightmare Factory is a fantasy that is zany and unpredictable in a good way. The writing may be circumspect at first, but keep going; the story and writing improve a lot.

Art Link: Nightmare Factory

Webtoon Link: Nightmare Factory

Nightmare Factory is Snailords’ most famous work, and for a reason; the art is beautiful, the writing grows to become clever and interesting, and the story has amazing development. It goes from being a crazy comedy into a solid story with personality and heart. And it becomes very intriguing and interesting.

Art link: Snailogy Webtoon

Webtoon link: Snailogy

I’ve already done a review on Snailogy, so this will be brief. Basically, this is a slice of life story that is funny, inspiring, moving, and relatable. It’s charming, rather crazy, and like all Snailords’ other works, out of the box.

Art link: Who am I kidding?

Webcomic link: Snailed It

One comic I recently found on Tapastic is called Snailed it. Basically, it’s Snailogy, but has different comics that never appeared on Webtoon. 

Overall, Snailords is an artist I highly recommend; he’s honest, develops as a person (shown in Snailogy) and walks his talk, especially when it concerns his fans (also known as the Anglers). 

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      1. Ah alright, thanks for telling me!
        I just finished Blacksouls today. I have some others, which I haven’t touched in ages, that I need to get back to ASAP (Six of Crows, The Fate of the Tearling… The list is really long XD)
        What about you?

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