Top Ten Male Webtoon Characters by Genre: Drama

Like my Webtoon recommendations, I decided to sort out the best characters by genre by gender. The female characters from dramas will be next! And I ask you: please don’t read my other Top Ten Best Female/Male characters lists…please. I don’t want spoilers!  I’ll also try to use fan art here and there.

I have also included a poll at the end for the same reason as my other genre recommendations; to create the Top Ten Best Male/Female Webtoon characters list, with help from other readers!

And to make things interesting…I decided to include 1 antagonist for each list!

I hope you enjoy. 

Seonghyun Moon, Dr. Frost, JongBeom Lee:

Link: Dr. Frost

Do not trust this man.  He may seem kind and happy, often talking to others about his alternate education plan with a smile on his face, but he is incredibly manipulative and an expert at screwing with others’ minds, especially the mentally ill. That’s plenty evil enough…however, it is also shown that he can even manipulate others into committing suicide, making him a psychological murderer as well. And don’t get me started on what he does in the “Happy Birthday Dr. Frost” arc…he has proven himself to be one of the most interesting (and most hated) antagonists in Webtoons.

10. Peace, The Stories of Those Around Me, Omyo:

Link: The Stories of Those Around Me

Peace starts off as a stranger one of the main characters, Mira, meets on a subway. When they meet up again, he seems rude and brusk at first, but when you think about it, you realize that they’re nearly strangers; he was likely weirded out by Mira’s sort of crush on him. However, they develop a nice friendship that turns into a relationship. Their relationship develops naturally and slowly, where they both don’t beat around the bush, but take their time.

9. Ildeung, Annarasumanara, Ilkwon Ha:

Link: Annarasumanara

(No picture available due to spoilers)

Sorry,  I can’t show off this guy’s face, simply because of spoilers…let’s just say his appearance changes a lot. Anyway, he has some of the best development in Annarasumanara. He starts off as a rather pompous, arrogant student who would do just about anything to ensure his grades remain good. However, once he meets the Magician, everything begins to change. As it turns out, Ildeung has been following his parents’ wishes for him as long as he can remember. His journey is about him finding his own dreams and following his own passions for once.

8. Kazuki, Four Quarters, Kurisustinah:

Link: Four Quarters

Kazuki is a guy we typically like, but there’s something off about him. He lives in the other world that the main character, Nana, finds herself in sometimes. He’s her closest friend there, and potential love interest. Yet he’s a little shady, as we don’t know everything about him and the other world. Does he know what’s going on, or does he merely have suspicions? However, he seems to genuinely care about Nana, often times helping her with difficult situations and listening to her when she needs it.

7. Professor Chun, Dr. Frost, Jongbeom Lee:

Link: Dr. Frost

Professor Chun is one of the kindest Webtoon characters, period. He was Frost’s childhood doctor after…whatever happened to him happened, and he taught him what he needed to know about other people and handling social situations. He’s also Frost’s mentor and father figure, and he constantly gives Frost kindness, patience, and affection, despite receiving none in return. He taught Frost just about everything he knows about psychology as well, and has been shown to be the most important person to Frost as well.

6. Aesop, Aisopos, Yangsoo Kim and DOGADO:

Link: Aisopos

In this fictional account of the real Aesop’s  life, we see him as a young ten year old boy for season 1. Already he’s gone through more sadness than a child should go through, including witnessing the murders of his parents and being sold into slavery. Not to mention some of the punishments he’s endured. However, he’s still a bright and positive figure, giving hope to others with his resilient spirit. He listens to the stories of others, later using them in life as his fables.

5. Sakuya Mori, Split, Kai and Dahae:

Link: Split

Art Link: Dbak-01

There have been countless characters with dissociative identity disorder, or DID, mainly used in thrillers and mysteries. However, Sakuya is a more realistic character. He has DID, but doesn’t realize it and is inadvertently victimized by his other personality, Haruka, a free spirited woman, without realizing it. Besides his disorder, he’s also a diligent, intelligent worker who is accused of being a workaholic, but it’s paid off; he’s still young, but is at an amazing level at his job.

4. Oliver, Space Boy, Stephen McCranie:

Link: Space Boy

Art link: Space Boy

Yet another mysterious white haired male lead, we still don’t know much about this guy. What we do think we know is that he was involved in some sort of accident that killed his family, and it left him consumed with the Nothingness of space. He has problems with distinguishing reality from what he wants to believe is real. Basically, an existential crisis. He seemed to be doing much better at being able to accept both reality and emotions with the help of Amy, the main character. But after certain events, he is having a relapse.  Hopefully, his story will be revealed soon and he can eventually heal for good.

3. Inho Baek, Cheese in the Trap, soonkki:

Link: Cheese in the Trap

I know, I know…why isn’t Jung here instead? Listen, Jung is an interesting character, but he is more static to me; he only seems to have development around Seol, but with anyone else, he’s the same. Learning more about a character’s motivations is not the same as character development.  Anyway, Inho is the most dynamic character in CIIT to me; he’s developing, and it’s positive growth. At first, Inho seems like an arrogant loudmouth with some anger management problems. However, he’s kind, loyal to his friends and sister, and he feels lost. It’s revealed that he and Jung used to be friends until an accident hurt Inho’s hand, making him unable to play the piano anymore, which he was a genius at. However, he proves to become more open to physical therapy, and has started to play again.

2. L, Annarasumanara, Ilkwon Ha:

Link: Annarasumanara

L is one layered character. He isn’t portrayed as always likable, causing our perceptions of him to change constantly. He can go from a charismatic magician, to a childish adult, to mentally unstable, and then back to charismatic, sometimes all at once. He’s first introduced as a rumor going on in Ai Yun’s school, which is that he’s crazy. L is very mysterious until his story is revealed, and even then he becomes more mysterious. He encourages and aids Ai in following her dreams, but it’s revealed that he’s scared of being alone and that he can be deeply hurt and grow unstable. L is someone that many characters have overly idealized perceptions of due to his whimsical nature, but his portrayal is shown as completely human, as someone who has virtues but is also deeply flawed.

1. Dr. Frost, Dr. Frost, Jongbeom Lee:

Link: Dr. Frost

Fan art source: unknown

There have been many Holmesian detectives throughout the years, but  Frost is unique among them. He may not be a detective, but he is a psychologist who solves the mystery behind each mental illness he tackles.  It’s also shown that he isn’t naturally cold and seemingly emotionless. Something happened to make him that way, and it was also traumatic enough to make his hair  white. He is not totally without emotion; he can feel things like anger, cynicism, fear, surprise, and curiosity. But emotions he can’t feel would be affection, pity, and compassion. But it is implied he may be able to get a little better; influence from characters like Professor Chun, Seonga, and Pavlov show major improvement from the first episode. However, what makes him one of the best Webtoon leads is that he has acknowledged that he has a problem and is trying to solve so he can feel more emotions. Even if he can’t feel sympathy, his character journey allows the audience to feel plenty of it for him.

Who do you think is the best male Drama Webtoon character? Please vote in my poll!

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Thank you for reading. The next one of these will cover the best female Drama Webtoon characters!


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      1. I just found him to be a hot tempered guy who couldn’t control his temper. But then character development kicked in lol. Most of the characters (except Seol, Bora, and Euntaek) are either dislikable or shady at first.


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