The Ultimate Vacation Book Tag

Even if summer is over (for me at least, school is back to kick my butt), there’s still a fun vacation Book Tag to help me relive summer. Thanks Bella @Bella Blogs Because Books for tagging me!

It’s the dead of winter and you are escaping to a tropical location. Hours in the sun with a book are on your “to-do” list. What book do you bring with you?

Well, for winter (I think the seasons are the theme…), a book I would choose is:

The fourth Stoker and Holmes takes place in the winter time!

You see the first signs of spring and your heart beats faster with the thought of warmer days. You are escaping for a nice cruise to herald in the warm weather. What book do you bring to accompany you on the decks of the ship?

So, I guess the theme is spring. I’ll go with We Were Liars, that’s pretty water based, right? 
Summer has arrived! You spend your weekends camping in the mountains. Fresh air, trees, animals, and campfires keep you company on your outing. What book do you bring to read next to the sound of the flowing creek?

I don’t like camping though..😰 Well, if I must, I should bring a pretty thick book with me, right? Let’s go with Lady Midnight, that’s a good sized book.

Fall is approaching. Nothing makes your happier than crunchy leaves turning red and orange and purple. You bring a book to the local park to read on a bench under the whispering trees. What book do you read?

Maybe it’s just the color scheme of the cover, but this book feels right to me.

Christmas is in the air. Lights, and carolers, and shopping. You want to curl up next to the fireplace with a good book that reminds you of comfort. What do you curl up with?

Christmas often feels magical, right? And what is one of the most magical books I’m currently reading?


Winter lasts sooooo long. You need something to remind you that the sun will come out again. What book to you read to take you away on the vacation you wish you were going on?

I’d like to go to Italy, but I have no books set in Italy. Oh well! Here , have two books:

Yep. I’d like to visit England and Japan someday. Again, I would’ve said Italy…but I have no books set there.
I’m kind of lazy this week (school…school!) so I’m not tagging anyone this time around. But be free to do this tag anyway!

10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Vacation Book Tag

  1. I don’t like camping either, Kate. I thought it was pretty genius to bring a thick book though to keep your attention. I also love the magic and Christmas put together. I think that is just an amazing book to read at that time. Wonderful answers!

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    1. I’m just too high maintenance. After a while, the tent just feels so grimy that I can’t deal with camping. Some of it may be my sensory stuff, but still. Whenever I do go camping, I bring a ton of thick books, just because we rarely do anything that interests me, and when we do stuff, often it goes really out of hand. Even hiking.
      I’m currently reading the Night Circus, and that’s why I paired it with Christmas; both have a certain magical feel from them that I love a lot!

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      1. Hiking is actually one of the reasons I hate camping. I was actually walking on flat ground and I fell and tore my meniscus. I’d much rather sit in a lawn chair and read a giant book.

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      2. Oh wow…yikes. That sounds so painful. My story is mainly A. Getting separated from both halves of my hiking group and hiking alone for a while (I had no watch) and B. Finding two members of the hiking group and then going on the wrong path and nearly getting badly injured on loose, rocky, terrain. Somehow I still like hiking (as long as the weather is good)
        But I agree. I would much rather sit down and just read, rather than hike

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