Biweekly Q&A: What’s the one word I always mispronounce?

Icebreaker’s questions:

What’s the one word you always mispronounce?

Oh, it varies from day to day, and how much sleep I get. The sad part is that I’m likely mispronouncing words on a daily basis mentally, and no one tells me because they aren’t telepaths.

Can you juggle? (I don’t think I can do it well.)

Nope! I can answer this honestly, I don’t think I ever will.

Do you still keep your stuffed animals?

A few of them, for sentimental purposes. 

Have you every played any sports? (For school or just for fun?)

I used to play soccer and softball, but when I moved, I didn’t like any of the unions that much, the peers on my teams always seemed more snobby. And then I found one I liked, but then I got too old for it. (Sigh) I also used to do tae kwan do. 

Name one song that you know you can’t live without!

Wow, ONE song…yikes. I can’t really think of one, to be honest. I like a ton of music.

Halloween is coming up, what is your favorite candy?

Well, Halloween was a few days ago, but…I really like Hershey’s dark chocolate bars (of course), and Sour Punch Straws (blue raspberry)

When do you usually make posts for your blog? (Morning, afternoon, night; weekends, weekdays…)

Whenever I have the time!

Sophie’s questions:

You have a one time opportunity to visit space, free of charge. However, you cannot go back until five years later. Would you still do it?

Nah. Homesickness would be too much for me. 

Do you think there’s a maximum number of cats one should have? What would you say is the preferable amount? (Go wild here)

Probably four, because any more would just be too much for me.

A trend everyone seems to love that you hate? And why?

Bashing popular stuff just because it’s popular. If you say you found it overrated but could understand why someone would like it, cool. But if you say it’s overrated and don’t give another reason for disliking it, that just bugs me. It seems to be happening to anything that becomes popular.

If you could live as a Ghibli character for a week, which one would you choose? What would be your daily routine, if any?

I would be either Muta from Whisper of the Heart or Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service.  Because why not. They’re adorable and get a lot of good attention.

Is there something you absolutely cannot stand? A type of noise, or personality trait?

Oh, so many noises! I could fill up an entire blog post of those. I guess overly loud movie theaters. I can’t even watch superhero movies in them anymore, I get really bad sensory overload. They’re too loud, especially with explosives and they have bright lights.

Would you rather live in your favorite book/TV show/movie’s world or get the characters from that book/TV show/movie into yours?

I would rather live in it. Because I would have some basic knowledge about that world (from reading or watcjing it). The poor characters would just be so confused.

 Did you have an imaginary friend growing up?

I don’t believe so, I only had my books and stuffed animals. 

Best memory from last month?

Either hanging out with my friends, one of whom had just come back from college for the weekend, or watching Psycho with my parents on Halloween and handing out candy.

Thanks for all the questions! If you guys have anymore, feel free to comment them!

7 thoughts on “Biweekly Q&A: What’s the one word I always mispronounce?

  1. Great answers! Haha I have 4 cats, I believed I have reached the maximum then. XD If I was a Ghibli character, I’d be the cat bus from My Neighbor Totoro. You could go anywhere, and because no one sees you, no one would twice at you!
    More questions:
    1. Have you ever talked to yourself out loud?
    2. Follow up: If you have talked to yourself, have you ever been caught by anyone else?
    3. What is you least favorite candy?
    4. What was your favorite stuffed animal as a child?
    5. If you could retitle a book you’ve read, what book would it be, and what’s the new title? (Doesn’t have to be a serious question, you can name it something silly if you want. 😄)
    6. What device do you use the most? (Cell phone, computer, iPad, etc.)

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  2. Great answers, Kate! And oh, I so feel you on the loud movie theaters thing. Superhero movies are especially bad, indeed. They are getting too banalized for my taste, anyway.
    I just went to see the new Thor movie the other day and there were tons of girls just giggling uncontrollably in most scenes, which pissed me off so much. Granted, the movie itself was full of cheesy moments and really stupid humor (some of it was good, though) but they were laughing at every. Single. Damn. Thing. I was surprised someone didn’t yell at them to shut the hell up.
    I think I need to stop watching movies in the theater because people in there just annoy me too much and I’m not about to spend money on something I won’t be able to enjoy fully. Might as well just way for it to come out on Blu-ray.
    Yup, if I sound grumpy is because I am!

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    1. For me, it’s less the audience and more the actual movie. (Though I did see the last Thor movie years ago, and the girls in front of me were so irritating…gah.) I find myself preferring the older superhero movies as of late myself.
      Oh gosh, this is why I don’t see hyped up movies right away. There are fun fangirls, and then annoying ones. The annoying ones come out right away to see it, but the serious ones who stay quiet and focus come later (from what I’ve observed). I think superhero movies attract a lot of immature teenage girls who are only there for hot guys, too. So yeah, with the exception of Wonder Woman, I haven’t seen a superhero movie in the theaters since The Winter Soldier. It’s too loud, and often enough the action makes me feel seasick in a movie theater.


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