In Which I Might Take A Very Odd Hiatus

Hey guys. So, in case you missed my post on why I haven’t posted much recently, here’s a summary:

Basically, I have a lot of work to do, so I’ve been very busy. So when I do have free time, I don’t exactly want to work, even on something as fun as my blog. I usually end up watching TV or reading something.

Second of all, I think I’m on the edge of a burnout. I’ve been trying my best to post every other day, or every three days, but I’m getting tired. I don’t want to have a full on burnout, so I’m contemplating taking a hiatus.

Now, this doesn’t mean I’m never posting again just because I don’t have a set date for my return, or even when I start to take a break. This just means I need to take a rest from posting.

But this leads me to a strange problem.

My spring break starts this weekend. Usually, breaks are when I am able to post more often, because I have less work to do. So I’m thinking I’m going to take a break from posting for the rest of this week, and if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll post more often next week. And then once that week is over, my hiatus will begin.

During my hiatus I will do some more personal work, but I’ll also try harder to see you guys’ blog posts and comment. I haven’t been doing that nearly often enough, even though I really want to. But ironically, I think posting has distracted me from that. And I will also draft a lot of posts, but not post them (at least frequently) in case my burnout lasts longer than I expect it to.

Long story short, I’ll still be around, but I won’t be posting for a while.

I hope to keep seeing you guys around, and I’ll talk to you later! I will definitely update you when I’m ready to start posting again.

36 thoughts on “In Which I Might Take A Very Odd Hiatus

    1. Yeah. I still have a lot of ideas for posts, thankfully, but I don’t have much motivation. I’m thinking of doing an update this week; even though it’s spring break, I don’t think I’ll post. I just want to relax and catch up with blogs I follow. 😊 I hope to post again soon, but I want to get over this near burnout first…

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  1. I’m miss seeing your posts, Kate, but as we discussed, I think the break could help get that desire going again and bring you back from the brink of burnout. I’ll be waiting for some great Kate posts, but I think a break is much deserved. ❤

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    1. I definitely need a break right now. It’s spring break where I am, and I still don’t have enough motivation to post, which is strange from me during a break. I might do an update with some new info this week, but then I’ll just wait and see when I feel motivated again. I’m still going to be around the blogosphere though, checking up with sites I follow. I just won’t post much. But thanks so much for your kind words 😊 Right now I just want to prevent the dreaded burn out.

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      1. Yep. I wanted to post over break, but ended up not doing anything. Barely even touched my drafts. I ended up fun reading, doing homework, watching TV, and working on TV Tropes mostly. And yep, schoolwork is definitely biting me right now, but…yeah. I hope to work on drafts soon, but it may take a bit.

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      2. OOoooh, that sounds like a lovely break, though, Kate! It sounds like it was just what you needed. Yes, let the drafts wait until the passion and time comes back,. But that’s such bad schoolwork. 😛 Doesn’t it know it should be nice to Kate?

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  2. Oh I’m so sorry to hear blogging has been tiring you, Kate 😦 Definitely take a break before you go full burnout because those are not fun, my friend. You need to step back, get into other hobbies and don’t stress about blogging or reading at all. We all need it sometimes and it’s not productive to try and force yourself.
    Take your time and lots of hugs ❤ ❤

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    1. Yeah, it hasn’t been fun for me either 😔. I wanted to post this week because I was on break, but I was so tired I couldn’t. I did try to catch up with some blogs though! I’m just doing more fun reading, homework, and watching TV lately. And thanks so much! Lots of hugs back.

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      1. IT WAS GREAT. It was so different than most Marvel movies. I like a good action film, but I loved how Black Panther was more character driven, plus it had good characters. Killmonger in particular was written really well.
        (I also did update my story a bit, and now I can’t decide which perspective to write in. Sigh)
        How was Ready Player One?

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      2. I’m glad you liked it! I can’t wait to see them again in Infinity War! OMG the trailer looks fantastic, but I didn’t see Ant-Man. I hope he’s there, but I understand if they can’t put him in. (So many heroes.) There’s going to be a lot of great cameos, and I can’t wait to see Stan Lee’s. XD
        (I’ll try to check on it around Sunday. Sorry I haven’t been checking it lately. ;-;)
        It was a good movie. I picked out a lot of video game, music, and 80s movie references. XD It was fun to find them all. I haven’t read the book, but I hope to. The movie itself was just a really fun film to watch if you enjoy movies like Back to the Future or Willy Wonka. And the soundtrack was amazing, I just wished they put the same trailer music (Pure Imagination remix by Ghostwriter) because it’s a really cool song! I really liked it though, the ending was a little weak, (oof not in a spoiler kind of way, but script wise it was lacking). And I’m rambling and AAAHHH I loved it though. (Mainly because of the references, there were so many!!)

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      3. There are a ton of heroes. I hope everyone gets at least a moment to shine. And Stan Lee’s cameo is probably gonna be EPIC.
        I’m curious about the book. But I have so much to read…sigh. And I’ll look into the trailer music! And rambling is fun!

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  3. KATE.


    I read Where Tangents Meet. I remembered the art looking really pretty from one of yours posts, and now I’ll be on to moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It was just so adorable. :O

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    1. Where Tangents Meet is a really cute one! The art was gorgeous (instantmiso’s art has gotten even better, if you can believe it) and I like that she deconstructed so many tropes. She’s currently writing Siren’s Lament. Which ones are you onto next? 😂
      For a binge read, can’t put down story, I recommend Bastard, a twisted psychological thriller. If you read it, be prepared for creepy twists.
      But for something lighter, Space Boy seems up your alley.
      And I’ll never stop recommending Dr. Frost and Annarasumanara.

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      1. Ooooh, I was thinking about trying Siren’s Lament, but I know I definitely need to now. I tried #blessed, which was just okay. A little crazy. But now I totally need to try these ones! I’ll be going for some of these next. 😀

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      2. Ooooh, okay, super good to know. Glad to know that maybe the first few things won’t be good but it does get better. And yeah, I just really liked her hair? Like, I just kept looking at it the entire time, LOL? But YES. Don’t worry, I’m going to be scrolling through your recs all the time now.

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      3. One of my bigger complaints with Siren’s Lament is just the hype. When I first got into Webtoon, it was just everywhere. So don’t let the hype get to your head.
        And which recs are you especially gonna look at, lol?
        I also made TV Tropes pages for two webtoons I like. You can just go to the site, find the search bar, and either look up Dr. Frost or Nightmare Factory. Maybe that’ll help too?

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      4. Ahhhhhh gotcha. Thankfully I went in blind besides your suggestions so I shall not let it go to my head! And I haven’t quite figured out what recs yet. I liked your one about best art, but I think you’ve just full on convinced me to just go with Dr. Frost next period, lol.

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      5. Okay, that’s good! When I first got into Webtoons, Siren’s Lament was everywhere, and I think my expectations elevated a little.
        Dr. Frost is still my favorite. It’s the closest webtoon to a mystery series, is educational without being boring, and has good characters. Just some warning for you though; there really isn’t any romance. I know you like your romance, so just letting you know. But there are ships, I think.

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      6. Ahhhh yeah, that always makes it tough!

        But ooooh that does sound nice. And thank you for the warning! Oddly enough I haven’t been needing ships as much anymore, so I might be good with this one XD But I’m so excited for it!!

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